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Home Pickup

Pressed for Time? We’ll Pick Up Your Returns!

No drop-offs necessary.


Making Every Day Earth Day: The 411 of Sustainability at Rent the Runway

RTR’s Sr. Director of Sustainability shares how we’re working towards our long-term commitments to Mother Nature each and every day.


Updates On Returns! Here’s What You Need to Know

No more return reminders after you’ve already dropped off. Yay for technology!

How To

RTR 101: One-Time Rentals

One of the most magical things about the RTR closet is the ability to reserve a style ahead of time. No time wasted perusing countless shopping sites for an outfit you’ll only wear once, or rifling through your closet at the last minute in the hopes something old will “do” — securing a one-time rental […]

RTR 101

WATCH: How Do I Build My RTR Shipment?

Here's how to make the most of your personalized, rotating Unlimited Closet.

RTR 101

WATCH: What is hearting?

“Hearting” different styles on Rent the Runway is how you organize and save items you love.

RTR 101

WATCH: What is an Extra Spot?

Want to add an extra spot to your Rent the Runway membership? Now you can.

RTR 101

WATCH: How to Pick Items That Fit

Learn how to find the best fits in this how-to video.

RTR 101

WATCH: What is the Rent the Runway Unlimited Membership?

Learn to master our premium and most popular plan in our how-to video.

RTR 101

9 Reasons Why Women are Renting Their Clothes

Are you considering renting clothes for the first time? Or, not quite sure if a fashion subscription service is right for you? There are a hundred reasons why a Rent the Runway membership is the smarter, better, and more thrilling way to get dressed — without the typical drawbacks of traditional shopping (and spending). But, we’ll […]