One of the most magical things about the RTR closet is the ability to reserve a style ahead of time. No time wasted perusing countless shopping sites for an outfit you’ll only wear once, or rifling through your closet at the last minute in the hopes something old will “do” — securing a one-time rental ahead of time is the failsafe, stress-free solution to nailing your look every time.

In case you’re new here (👋 ! Welcome!) or just looking for a few tips and tricks, here’s the 101 on one-time rentals. 

Why should I reserve ahead of time?

The RTR closet is always shifting and rotating. By reserving a look in advance, you’re essentially putting your style(s) on hold so no one else can rent them during your selected rental period.

How do I reserve a style?

It’s super easy! Just follow these steps below:


Before you start browsing the RTR closet, make sure your sizes are set — yes, you can select more than one because sizing can be fickle! — and that you switch to the “One-Time Rentals” availability filter.


You can rent items for 4 or 8 days at a time. We recommend setting your rental start date for 1 or 2 days before you plan to wear them.


There are thousands of member reviews from the RTR community showing you how an item looks IRL, fits and all that other good stuff you want to know beforehand.


A.k.a. the best part! Just be sure to double check all your details are correct — like size, shipping, rental period, etc.


As we said before, sizing can be fickle! Select a FREE backup size for extra security.

Then what happens?

When your order is ready to be shipped, you’ll get an email with tracking info. For of-the-moment updates, download the RTR app and turn on your notifications to follow your shipment as it makes its way to you. If your order arrives earlier than expected, lucky you! You can still keep your items until your original return date.

Once you receive your order, we recommend trying everything on right away. On the off chance that you’re not satisfied with your rentals, we can send a replacement to make sure you’re covered. And on that note, remember that rental coverage is included in every order, so don’t stress about the small spills.

What do I do when my rental period is over?

Goodbyes are hard. That’s why we made returning easy. Here’s how it works:

  1. Pack up your items in the garment bag they arrived in. (Throw in the plastic and hangers too, we recycle them!)
  2. Trade out the shipping label for the return label located in the inside pocket of your garment bag. Fold the bag, tuck in the handles and zip it shut!
  3. Find a drop-off location or head to any UPS.
  4. Share a review (photos encouraged!) to help the rest of the RTR community know what to expect.
  5. That’s it! But for more information on how to make a return, look no further.