New to RTR? We’re here to help!

Welcome to an endless wardrobe that evolves with you—no matter your mood, size or plans.

With your membership, you can rent a minimum of 4 items at a time. Just browse the app or website and pick your items! They’ll arrive on your doorstep dry cleaned and ready to wear in 2 days or less.

Sounds simple (and it is), but when you have hundreds of designers and thousands of styles to choose from, knowing where to start can be hard.

So, we chatted with a few expert members to get their tips and tricks on how to make the most of a membership.

Here’s how to pick your shipment like a pro:

Step 1: Look at the calendar—swap according to your schedule.

Plan ahead and pick items based on what you’ve got going on that month. Fun dresses for weekend vacays, elevated workwear to shake up your desk-to-dinner style, leggings and hoodies for binge-watching, unique tops for nights out—no matter the occasion, the Unlimited Closet has you covered.

When planning, it’s important to consider your billing cycle. Based on your membership—1 Swap, 2 Swaps or Unlimited Swaps—you have a preset number of swaps per month (unless you are an Unlimited Swaps member), and you have the freedom to choose when you use them.

Step 2: Read reviews.

While having an endless wardrobe is epic, the best part about RTR is the community of women behind the rentals. We love reading their hot takes on everything from fit to function through the community reviews on our site and app.

92% of our members use community reviews to find items that fit.

member SURVEY

Seeing how women of a similar body type wear and style the clothing you’re interested in helps inform your shipment. It’s a key piece to picking items, plus, it’s fun! Here’s one of our favorites.

After you rent, wear and swap your item, we’ll give you the option to leave a review, and it’s these reviews that will help you…

Step 3: …Find the perfect fit.

Fact: Our bodies change on a day-to-day basis. In between sizes? Maybe. Wear different sizes in tops and bottoms? Always.

At RTR, we know that one size does not fit all, which is why we created our Fit Insights Tool—a feature accessed through our app that provides recommended sizing based on member reviews, your own size preference and fit feedback from your past rentals. 

Step 4: Explore (& Get Out of Your Comfort Zone)

When it comes to renting your wardrobe, the learning curve is real. But the more you explore, the more we’ll learn about your style preferences and the easier it will become.

Here’s some places we think you should start:

Browse & Heart

Start by browsing the app or website—when you see an item that catches your eye, heart it. The more you heart, the more Rent the Runway will learn about your style preferences—it helps RTR keep a log of everything you’ve considered (even if it isn’t something you’d typically go for). Love color? Heart bright pieces. Denim addict? Heart your diehards. Your homepage will become more personalized—showing you styles that you love.

Discover New Arrivals

Hundreds of new styles are uploaded to the Unlimited Closet every week. Make sure to check in on weekends to discover the just-dropped pieces.

Check Out the Most-Hearted

Your personalized homepage shows you items that women in your area are renting, wearing and loving. Familiarize yourself with the latest trends and rent at your heart’s desire.

98% of our members find a new favorite brand in the Unlimited Closet.

member SURVEY

The beauty of renting means there’s no commitment. You can experiment with funky prints, go for that bold hue and wear silhouettes you wouldn’t normally invest in.

“I’m all about testing a style I wouldn’t otherwise buy. The fun of renting is mixing in items that are a bit of a risk.” Susan Tynan, CEO and Founder of startup Framebridge.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, renting your wardrobe means no strings (or zippers, buttons and embellishments) attached.

You don’t have to worry about making each piece an investment. Without the pressure to buy, your mindset will change, and your personal style will skyrocket.

Say it with us: rent, wear, swap, repeat.


Oh, and be prepared to chat with more strangers—you will get compliments! And make sure to share your ROTD (rentals of the day) with #thanksitsRTR on Instagram.

Still have questions? View all RTR FAQs or read Rent the Runway reviews and testimonials from real members.