Details on your returns’ journey have been limited in the past — but from here on out, we’ll be able to see when your rentals have been dropped off! You might be wondering what this means for you, so let us break it down. 

Within a few hours after your returns are scanned at your drop-off location of choice, your account will reflect which items are en route back to us, which means you’ll no longer receive return reminders after you’ve already dropped off. Yay for technology! 

Speaking of returns, let’s brush up on a few other things to note:

  1. To keep the rotating closet moving, send back your rentals within one business day of confirming a new order. Your return due date is listed on the home screen of your RTR app or website. Late returns keep your fellow members from getting to try all of the chic pieces you loved — and sharing is caring, so drop off promptly to keep the closet thriving!
  1. Life can be hectic; we get it. When you’re pressed for time, dropping off your rentals might feel like a tall order. That’s why we offer home pickup in select cities (with more to come!). Head here to find out if return pickups are available in your area now, and let us do the work for you.
  1. When you mark an item “returning” while placing an order for a new shipment, those items are expected to be dropped off within one business day. Members with outstanding returns will be unable to swap again until the overdue returns are dropped off. If they’re not dropped off within three business days of being marked “returning,” you may be charged for overdue items (up to $29 per item). 

Frequently Ask Questions:

  1. Why were my returns not recognized as “en route to RTR”?
    There are two reasons why your return may not have been recognized:
    1. There may be a short delay between the time your returns are dropped off and when that information is passed back to our team.
    2. If you did not place a new order after marking items “returning” and before dropping them off, we’ll be unable to recognize your returns as “en route to RTR.” You’ll receive confirmation when your returns make it back to RTR. Be sure to pick your next order before sending back items at home to avoid this.
  2. How will you know which shipping label I used?
    After you mark your items “returning” and place a new order, we assume the next shipping label that is associated with your account will include your returns.
  1. When will my items be removed from my account?
    When you drop off your items, they will be marked as “en route to RTR.” They will be removed from your account after they’re scanned back in at our fulfillment center. 
  1. Why am I not able to place a new order?
    If you have overdue returns at home you will not be able to place a new order. The good news is as soon as they’re dropped off at your local shipping carrier you’ll be able to order something new.