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Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding Guest Outfits Made Easy

Leave the styling to us!


37 Must-Rent Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

Nothing says romance like gently falling snow, mood lighting and a show-stopping velvet dress.


What to Wear for Your Engagement Photos

All white everything or keep it casual? You’ve got options.


35 Must-Rent Fall Wedding Guest Dresses

Here’s a popular opinion: Fall is the best season for getting dressed. The blazers, the jeans, the not-too-thick sweaters, the layers, the dresses with boots (!) — we know we don’t have to tell you about autumn’s endless options for sartorial brilliance. But here’s a not-so-common opinion: it’s also a spectacular season for wedding guest […]

Decode The Dress Code: Wedding Attire Explained

From black tie to dressy casual, semin-formal to festive, wedding attire explained.

What to Wear to Every Type of Fall Wedding

If you thought you’d stop attending weddings as soon as the weather starts to cool down, think again. Autumn weddings are now just as popular, if not more than their summertime counterparts, thanks to the beautiful fall foliage and more comfortable temperatures. However, a new season brings a whole new wedding guest wardrobe. Since the […]


Wedding Weekend 101: What to Wear to Every Event

Consider this your guide to making an entrance at every event throughout the weekend.


Common Wedding Guest Myths, Busted

Calling all wedding guests: it’s time to throw out the fashion rulebook, and create your own. The way we plan and celebrate weddings has changed drastically over the past 50 years, so why shouldn’t we rethink the way we get dressed for them? If you’ve got a few weddings creeping up on your calendar, we’re […]


What to Wear to a Destination Wedding

Celebrating love, jet-setting off somewhere new and (hopefully) squeezing in a vacay while you’re at it — is there anything better than a destination wedding? You’ve sent your RSVP, you’ve booked those plane tickets — all that’s left on your list is the question of what to wear. As with any wedding, you’ll want to […]

The Best Colors for Fall Bridesmaid Dresses

Wedding season now extends well into October and it’s pretty easy to see why: the air is crisp, the summer heat has burned off, and the autumnal foliage lends for the perfect backdrop. If you’re planning your nuptials around that time, you’ll want to set the mood with seasonal colors — and you can start […]