Calling all wedding guests: it’s time to throw out the fashion rulebook, and create your own. The way we plan and celebrate weddings has changed drastically over the past 50 years, so why shouldn’t we rethink the way we get dressed for them?

If you’ve got a few weddings creeping up on your calendar, we’re here to help you get dressed for the occasion. Ahead, we’re debunking 4 of the most common wedding guest style myths, so that you can nail every RSVP that comes your way.

Myth 1: You Can’t Wear Black to a Wedding

Believe it or not, it was once frowned upon for wedding guests to wear black because it was considered too “serious” and “depressing” for such a happy occasion. It’s time to lay this old-fashioned rule to rest once and for all. Black is the universal neutral color, it’s flattering on everyone, and it’s so versatile that it can be dressed up or down for any dress code.


Myth 2: Statement Accessories Are Too Flashy

Previously, the general rule of thumb for wedding guests was to play it safe—but not anymore. The goal shouldn’t be to take the attention away from the bride or her bridal party, but when you rent your outfit, anything goes. So, why not try something fun? Statement earrings and brightly colored handbags are a great place to start experimenting.


Myth 3: You Have to Wear A Dress

Dresses are definitely not your only option when it comes to wedding guest style. Pairing a fancier skirt with a blouse is a great option for cocktail and black-tie optional nuptials. More into jumpsuits? Not only are they impossibly chic when paired with elegant accents (like drop earrings or a collar necklace), a jumpsuit is a very practical option for a night spent on the dance floor.


Myth 4: The Dress Codes Don’t Really Matter

There’s already so much to consider when RSVPing to a wedding (the gift, how to get there, who you’re bringing as your plus one—just to name a few) that deciphering a dress code is probably last on your list. However, the dress code is there for a reason, and if you overlook this information, you might end up looking out of place. Here are some basic ideas for what to wear for the most popular dress codes:

Black Tie: Amp up your traditional floor-length gown with splashes of color, whimsical accents and lots of texture.

Black Tie Optional: Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Strike a balance between glam and relaxed by opting for a high-low silhouette. Glam it up with metallic accents.

Cocktail: Consider the venue and time. Evening nuptials tend to veer more formal, whereas a tea-length dress will do for daytime.


This wedding season, it’s time to rewrite the fashion rulebook. It’s 2019 and anything goes for the modern guest. Outsmart all the invites that come your way with a closet on rotation. An Unlimited membership lets you rent endless styles for one flat monthly price, so you can have the perfect look for every occasion.