It’s the start of a new year, and you’re resolving to do more to upgrade and improve your life. Here’s a radical suggestion: buy less stuff.

Did you know the average American woman spends 400 hours a year on shopping alone? That’s 2.5 WEEKS of your entire year devoted to spending money. And then, where to store all these things you’re buying? Not in your tight space! Americans are spending $24 billion each year simply to store the stuff they’re spending on.

So not only are we spending on more things, but we’re also spending to store these things we’re buying. It’s crazy when you stop to think about all the time, money and space given up to our shopping habits! When you buy less stuff, you free up your life to do so much more.

Need some convincing? Hear from real RTR members who have pledged to buy less and live more in 2019.

Meet Our Members:

Brooks Miller

•  East Coast Content Strategist at Twitter

•  RTR Unlimited member since 2016

•  Buying less so she can EXPLORE more

Whitney Schumacher

•  Digital product manager at Flamingo

•  RTR Unlimited member since 2017

•  Buying less so she can CHANGE more


Jem Michael

•  Creative producer at MATTE Projects

•  RTR Unlimited member since October 2018

•  Buying less so she can CHILL more

Cat Dunn

•  Senior art director at J. Crew

•  RTR Unlimited member since 2017

• Buying less so she can STAND OUT more


What made you decide to start buying less in 2019 and join RTR Unlimited?

Brooks: When I moved from San Francisco to chic, fashion-forward New York, I panicked a bit! I didn’t have a lot of space, but still wanted to be on trend and express myself.

Whitney: I never used to shop a lot as I wasn’t super happy with my body and found it too stressful to invest in my wardrobe. RTR changed that, and has really empowered me to be who I need to be through my weight loss journey.

Jem: I actually never thought it was for me! A friend convinced me to start and after the first week, I was like, wow. There’s no pressure. If you don’t love your rental, no big deal! It’s super easy.

Cat: I used to save up to buy the “perfect” pants or dress at big sales, but realized I wasn’t straying from the wardrobe essentials. When I started my full-time job in fashion, I wanted to present myself in a different, on-trend way – Unlimited was my solution!


What is your favorite part about being an Unlimited member?

Brooks: Working in marketing, I have a lot of client meetings, big presentations and travel a ton. Having to look the part at all times used to stress me out, but now I don’t have to worry about that. I can just worry about being a boss.

Whitney: I love that I never have a negative emotional journey with my clothing. I feel confident that everything in my wardrobe will always fit – if I’m a size 10 one week and a size 12 the next, it doesn’t matter. It’s freed me up to think about more important things.

Jem: You know when you buy something and you’re super excited to wear it? I get to do that pretty much every day, but without actually buying it. I never used to wear color, but now I can take risks: stripes, sparkles, polka dots, you name it! I give everything a fair shot.

Cat: It’s really helped me expand my super basic, more masculine style. As someone who’s queer, I’ve loved re-embracing my feminine side. It makes me feel empowered and so confident! Bonus: I now spend most of my money on shoes (which I love!) and don’t feel bad about it.


What are you doing now that you spend less time buying and shopping?

Brooks: I feel like I can explore so many new places! I can travel anywhere at any time and have the perfect outfit for that specific place.

Whitney: By buying less, I’m changing more. I’ve lost 40lbs, switched jobs, started a new relationship… I’ve been able to do all these things because I know I’ll look fantastic in any situation. I feel so empowered to be and do me.

Jem: I find shopping, especially in New York, can get so crowded and is stressful. Even online shopping is stressful because nothing ever fits! I’ve loved buying less because I can chill more.

Cat: Now that I buy less, I actually stand out more! My personal style has evolved so much. People have no idea what I’m going to wear on a daily basis, and I love feeling like more of a show-stopper.


Why would you encourage others to pledge to buy less in 2019?

Brooks: It’s simple: you’ll be surprised by how empowered you feel when you buy less.

Whitney: For me, there’s nothing worse than throwing away or donating something you’ve never worn before. Now, everything I use gets reused or recycled – the garment bag, the plastic, the clothing! I really appreciate how eco-friendly the entire Rent the Runway process is.

Jem: I’m normally a very hesitant shopper. It can feel so precious when you’re purchasing every item! Fashion isn’t meant to be about that, right? It’s meant to be fun. So, try it out, feel fresh every day and just have fun.

Cat: Why buy something you might feel guilty about when you can rent and feel so responsible? I feel much lighter (and so does my closet!) when not consuming so much and buying things that just fill my space and mind.


Pretty convincing, right? Chime in on social media on our post below – we want to hear what you’re doing with your time when you’re buying less and living more.