Going somewhere? We thought so! Summer vacation season has finally commenced, and it’s time to pack your bags for whatever adventures lie ahead. Whether you’re hopping a flight abroad, heading out on a road trip or otherwise, your astrological sign says a lot about your summer travel style. Keep reading to find out what your sign says about you (plus, discover vacay-ready rentals to wear wherever you go!).


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(December 22nd–January 19th)

Your itinerary is prepped and ready-to-go no less than 2 months in advance of your trip. On top of that, you remembered all the little details that leave most of us scrambling! There’s zero chance that you’ve inappropriately packed or left something at home; you’re equal parts practical and stylish. Wish we could all say the same! Not an overpacker, you’ve filled your suitcase with the just-right amount of breezy separates and functionally fashionable accessories (with plenty of room leftover for collecting souvenirs along the way!).


(January 20th–February 18th)

Never have you ever scoured Pinterest to find out how the locals dress at your vacation destination. You’re one-of-a-kind, darling, and you dress like it! When building the perfect vacation wardrobe, you consider two things (and two things only!): personal style and the weather forecast. Your itinerary is filled with obscure landmarks, flea markets and anything else travel books neglect to mention — traveling with you is always unforgettable.


(February 19th–March 20th)

You planned a two week solo vacation…and instantly regretted it. Maybe consider hitting up the group chat next time you’re feeling that same wanderlust? Regardless, you’ve planned an iconic wardrobe of rentals to wear once you reach your destination — so iconic that you’ll probably forget what you were worried about in the first place. Who could stress when you look this good?


(March 21st–April 19th)

Impromptu escapade to Europe, anyone? You love a last minute getaway and aren’t afraid to go all-out. Your hasty vacation wardrobe consists of elevated staples that look good in any setting (and won’t scream “I’M A TOURIST!” to everyone around you), plus a statement piece that probably inspired your last-minute travels in the first place. Doesn’t everyone buy a plane ticket the moment they find a rental that demands to see the world?


(April 20th–May 20th)

You build a mood board for all of the outfits you plan to pack and it pays off big time. You’re not afraid to commit to a color story – let’s face it, it’s the easiest way to create a versatile, photo-worthy travel wardrobe without having to tote an extra suitcase around. Pretty ingenious if you ask us!


(May 21st–June 21st)

Sorry, where are you supposed to be again? We think you double booked yourself. Lucky for you, your bold rentals travel well anywhere, including that Las Vegas girls’ trip and Miami bachelorette party that somehow wound up on the same weekend. We can’t help you with sorting out the flight sitch, but we have all your head-turning outfits covered. 


(June 22nd–July 22nd)

Can someone get nostalgic for a city before they’ve even left? You’ve been known to shed a tear at the site of a historic landmark…or even at the sight of a sunrise from your airplane window seat. You see the magic that lies around every corner in a new destination and you dress accordingly to take it all in, with romantic silhouettes and warm summery hues abound.


(July 23rd–August 22nd)

Ever get mistaken for a celebrity when traveling abroad? We thought so. You have star power, even if your day job doesn’t involve millions of adoring fans. Your travel wardrobe obviously follows suit — you’ve packed elevated staples that cause locals and fellow tourists to do a double take whenever you walk by. Nothing too fussy, though — you love the drama of looking effortlessly flawless.


(August 23rd–September 22nd)

The highly-detailed food tour starts now. You know all the best places to eat, including the hole-in-the-wall spots only locals have heard of. Your rented travel wardrobe is ready for anything, particularly, sightseeing with ample time for noms in between stops. You keep your outfits easy and breezy (not a fitted waistband in sight!), with a summery tote big enough to carry all your leftovers and souvenirs.


(September 23rd–October 23rd)

Oh, Libra — without fail, you have a whirlwind romance with the first person you meet on every vacation. There’s something magnetic about your aura the moment you step foot outside your usual stomping grounds. Locals clamor to be your personal tour guide; it’s the stuff Hallmark movies are made of! Your travel wardrobe is where your main character energy runs wild, with a perfectly-curated assortment of going out looks for each possible scenario you could encounter.


(October 24th–November 21st)

You may have left your passport in the taxi shortly after hopping off the plane, but you remembered your RTR garment bag (and that’s all that matters). Who needs important documents when you’ve packed the perfect rented vacation wardrobe? You’ve selected a little something for everything, from casual cool separates for sightseeing to IG-ready mini dresses for cocktail hour.


(November 22nd–December 21st)

You’re the type of traveler who puts every hotel amenity to good use. That’s what they’re there for, after all! After rising bright and early to hit the hotel gym, you slip into one of your perfectly-planned looks and make the most of every minute, squeezing in ample time to lounge by the pool between guided tours and spa treatments. You’re basically a professional vacation-goer at this point.

P.S.: Want to take your travels to the next level? The perks of a RTR membership go beyond great outfits, from never having to do the dreaded post-vacay laundry again to sending your rentals directly to your U.S.-based destination. Click to learn more!