In the past, there was only one way to get dressed. It involved marathon shopping trips, regrettable purchases and that feeling of never being satisfied with what’s in your closet. Things are about to change.

This January, we’re challenging women all across the country to buy less stuff, so they can live more. In her lifetime, the average woman spends 8.5 years shopping, 3 years washing her clothes, and 1 year deciding what to wear. With an RTR membership, you get back all this time. How will you live more this year when you put your closet in the cloud? Here are 75 ideas.

1. Turn your side hustle into your main hustle.

2. Volunteer at your local animal shelter (Because, puppies).

3. Reconnect with long lost friends.

4. Experiment more with your style.

5. Start learning a new language. Review a couple of words per day.

6. Download a free meditation app to take a moment for yourself.

7. Pick up a cookbook and try out the craziest recipe.

8. Call your House Representative and State Senators to advocate for a cause you’re passionate about.

9. Take up gardening and learn how to keep those plants alive.

10. Write an email to someone you admire. Trust us, it’ll make a friend, family member, or colleague’s day.

11. Do that project you’ve been putting off for months (i.e.- take your favorite pair of jeans to the tailor).

12. Zillow for your dream house.

13. Check your savings and checking accounts. Where can you cut back and save more?

14. Rent those trendy statement earrings you’ve been eyeing all season.

15. Go to the library. (Renting books is cool too!)

16. Check your savings and checking accounts. Where can you cut back and save more?

17. Watch the most popular movie made the year you were born.

18. Create a vision board. Make it your phone background so you see it every day.

19. Go to the grocery store and make some flower arrangements for your home.

20. Find a new podcast to obsess over (we’re loving Ologies).

21. Clean your makeup brushes. Your skin will thank you.

22. Clean up your social media. Unfollow anyone who doesn’t make you feel good.

23. Look up your family tree.

24. Try out a new workout class.

25. Organize your closet or do a full-blown closet reboot.

26. Make the ultimate playlist that gets you pumped up.

27. Finally learn how to French braid (YouTube is your friend).

28. Organize your RTR hearts into shortlists (this helps us serve you more personalized recommendations!)

29. Plan a future trip.

30. Update your résumé. Even if you’re not in the market for a new job.

31. Try out a new restaurant in your neighborhood.

32. Make a friendship bracelet for your work wife.

33. Pay tourist in your own city. Pick up a map and explore.

34. Completely unplug for a day. No phone, no computer, no TV.

35. Donate to a GoFundMe for a cause you care about.

36. Host an adult sleepover (gather your girlfriends and queue up the rom coms).


38. Pick up one of your old textbooks from college and read everything you highlighted.

39. Visit a museum you’ve never been to.

40. Redecorate your office desk.

41. Knock on your neighbor’s door and say hello.

42. Set monthly intentions. Big or small, you’ll be surprised how satisfying it feels to complete them.

43. Go to a craft store and let your inner child roam free. (Adult coloring book, anyone?)

44. Make a physical photo album.

45, Learn about feng shui and rearrange your space.

46. See your favorite band live.

47. Call your parents and tell them you love them.

48. Clean and sanitize all your electronics.

49. Refer a friend to RTR. You’ll make her day.



50. Search for your signature scent.

51. Surprise FaceTime your BFF and tell them something you learned that day.

52. Rediscover the magic of watercolor painting.

53. Give a random stranger a compliment.

54. Hang with your S.O. and pop a bottle of champagne—just because.

55. Take Zumba class and let the rhythm move you.

56. Have a picnic. Literally get a wicker basket and sprawl out on a gingham blanket.

57. Try to make almond milk at home.

58. Complete a puzzle. Consider it a workout for your brain.

59. Clean out your wallet/purse.



60. Start a gratitude list.

61. Clean out your inbox. The mission? Get your unread emails down to zero.

62. Upcycle all your old clothes (eBay, consign, donate).

63. Join the zero-waste movement.

64. Concoct the perfect bubble bath.

65. Make an at-home facial with whatever you have in the kitchen

66. Create an art gallery wall in your own home.

67. Organize all the apps on your phone. Delete those that don’t add value to your life.

68. Take a mental health day. Whatever that looks like for you.

69. Learn how to make your favorite take-out at home.

70. Go through an old yearbook.

71. Stargaze with your BFF.

72. Determine your 2019 style icon.

73. Paint your nails a new color you’ve never done before.

74. Schedule all your annual doctor’s appointments.

75. Donate what you would’ve spent in a shopping spree to a women’s charity of your choice.

The goal for 2019? Buy Less. Live More. By subscribing to fashion, women are empowered to freely express themselves and dress for the incredible lives they lead. We challenge you to buy less stuff in 2019 and experience the ultimate unlimited lifestyle.