Wedding cakes, like most things in life, go through stylistic shifts. And, let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. One minute naked cakes are the go-to look and the next edible flowers dominate the scene. We have Pinterest to thank for this game of wedding trend musical chairs.

No matter how frustrating it might be to stay up to date, most of us can’t help but lust after the next big thing. Especially when it comes clad in gold foil and dripping in French buttercream. To help you stay in the loop in the new year, we turned to Gitu Mehra, pro cake decorator behind L.A.-based Cake Play, to get the scoop…er…slice.


TV news producer by day, cake decorator by night, Gitu has got her hands full. But one thing’s for sure: she knows the world of desserts like the back of her hand. As the founder of Cake Play, Gitu teaches the art of cake decorating through casual, no-pressure workshops in southern California. “[My clients] want to try something different for 3 hours, have fun with their friends, make some memories and leave with something they’re proud of.”

Since Gitu’s constantly eyeing new designs to demo in her workshops, she’s become a master trend-spotter of styles for all special occasions, from birthdays to weddings. Naturally, we had to get her thoughts on the latter.  Below, discover Gitu’s wedding cake trend predictions for the new year.

1. The Marble Effect

Apparently, marble isn’t just for countertops. “Marble was showing up everywhere in design, and now it’s showing up on cakes too,” says Gitu. In the year ahead, expect to see the limestone-inspired style on the rise at bridal events. The coolest part? The trend offers an alternative to traditional white-only cakes. Instead, couples should feel free to experiment with tones that match their event’s color scheme. The finished look is so chicly avant-garde.

2. Metallics

Just as we saw on the Spring 2017 runways, you can expect to see metallics appear in edible form at wedding receptions everywhere in the year ahead. According to Gitu, the shimmery detail will be the ornament of choice for its modern vibe and unexpected charm.

3. Hand-Painted Patterns & Prints

Couples in search of a more traditional-romantic feel should gravitate towards hand-painted decorations when choosing their cake style. Gitu identifies this trend as a “return to the classics,” exuding elegance and grace. Those who love the concept, but seek a more contemporary look can certainly try the trend, too. Graphic shapes and even script (got a favorite quote?) make unexpectedly lovely hand-painted details that are sure to make a huge splash on the 2017 wedding circuit.

4. Gold Foil Embellishments

For an ultra-luxe twist, couples will likely turn to real gold foil to jazz things up in the new year. The trend is perfect for elevating the traditional tiered cake with white frosting and edible flowers. Could there be anything more Instagrammable?

5. Ingredients Matter

Turns out, a beautiful exterior isn’t enough to wow in 2017. Now more than ever, ingredients matter. “Brides are starting to get a little more discerning about the quality of their cake,” adds Gitu, “it’s not just about the look.” Don’t panic, though. This doesn’t mean wedding cakes have gone healthy. In fact, quite the opposite. Instead of settling for imitation ingredients, Gitu says brides should search for the “real thing” like “good, real butter and Swiss or French buttercream, not the American vegetable shortening stuff.” We’ll take it!