At Rent the Runway, we are obsessed with inspiring women to feel their best every day. We know from over a decade of experience that when women change their clothes, they can — and do — change their lives. 

This fall, we’re stepping out to celebrate the transformative power of fashion through our latest campaign, The World is Your Runway. The thesis is simple: when you rent the runway, the world is your runway. 

“This campaign is a reflection of fashion at its best: joyful, fun and inspiring. It’s also a reflection of how we’ve seen our customers embracing style and getting dressed again this spring and summer. Amid ongoing uncertainty, fashion remains an optimistic constant and core way women will continue to express themselves regardless of where life takes them,” said Anushka Salinas, COO and President of Rent the Runway.

The hero film, shot in New York City by Emmy Award-winning director Danielle Levitt, melds the vibrating energy of our beloved hometown with the mounting excitement of fashion’s great return this fall.

The World is Your Runway is about seizing life. When you feel the pull to [put on] that walk, it’s an opportunity to remind yourself that you are fierce, beautiful and powerful”

Campaign director, Danielle Levitt

While the pandemic has and will continue to alter the ins-and-outs of our daily routines, it hasn’t stifled our love of and desire for fashion — as evidenced by the magnetism of this year’s fall/winter collections.

The season’s biggest trends, including electric hues, maximalist prints, sexy slits and micro minis — all captured within our fall campaign — are beckoning each and every one of us to step out and share ourselves with the world. As put by campaign stylist Jaime Kay Waxman: “This [is] a renaissance of expression and a resurgence of pleasure in [getting dressed].”

In addition to digital placements, The World is Your Runway will make a splash IRL through out-of-home advertisements in key cities across the country, including a takeover of the iconic NYC subway.

There’s never been a better time to step out and make the world your runway. Get started with our most coveted looks for fall in our dedicated campaign edit.