Here at Rent the Runway, we’ve always known there was a smarter way to get dressed. In 2009, we disrupted the $2.4 trillion fashion industry and changed the way women get dressed by creating the ‘closet in the cloud:’ a dream closet filled with every trend, every color, every print, everything you’ve ever wanted to wear — for a fraction of the cost.

We’ve continued to expand our forever-rotating closet over the past decade, powering our community to save time, money and have more fun getting dressed. All while contributing to a more sustainable future for fashion.

Today we’re offering yet another way to access the RTR closet. Now, all customers can shop (yes, SHOP) pre-loved styles from the entire closet, no membership required!

Historically, we’ve given members the option to purchase items they already have at home, but saw an opportunity to make buying pre-loved inventory more accessible and readily available to an even wider audience. Last March, at the onset of the pandemic, we noticed members buying pre-loved items from us at twice their usual rate – demonstrating an acceleration in consumer comfortability with and demand for shopping secondhand. 

Resale represents an important next step as we work towards providing customers the ultimate access to designer fashion. From rental to resale and beyond, we are broadening our vision to become the starting point for the circular economy — offering a variety of ways to experience the best assortment of designer apparel, accessories and more.

Complete flexibility is the future of fashion.”

Jennifer Hyman, CEO AND CO-FOUNDER

What’s more, purchasing pre-loved items (instead of buying new) extends the life of garments and helps divert clothing and textile waste from landfills. Coming out of the pandemic, consumers are increasingly committed to living out their values (and shopping with them), and we’re seeing this among our own customers. Twice as many customers told us that they’re coming to Rent the Runway for a more sustainable solution to fashion compared to 15 months ago. 

“Complete flexibility is the future of fashion,” said CEO and Co-Founder Jennifer Hyman. “We have all been staring at closets full of clothes that went unworn for the past year, which has created a paradigm shift in how consumers are thinking about shopping and getting dressed. Resale is a natural complement to renting, and a logical next step as we continue to expand Rent the Runway’s value proposition.”

Here’s what makes shopping resale at Rent the Runway unique:

A Better Shopping Experience  

Save yourself from sifting through the racks. With multiple sizes of each style, personal reviews from our community and a seamless browsing experience, we make it easy to find what you love.

Tags You Can Trust

We buy directly from our roster of 700+ designers, so you know you’re getting the real deal. Authenticity is always guaranteed.

Premium Quality Standards

Every item is thoroughly inspected, cleaned and restored each time it goes through our extensive QA process. Our goal is that your purchase arrives in excellent condition.

No Commitments Ever

We’ve got you covered with a flexible return policy. So don’t worry if it doesn’t work out. 

Get started now with an edit of our most hearted items for purchase here!