New season, fresh styles! Designer, entrepreneur and “The Hills” star Whitney Port is back at it again with an all-new Love, Whit by Whitney Port capsule collection. Expect everything from throw-on-and-go dresses and cozy knits, to sleek faux leather jackets and tailored blazers, with a third of the styles made from recycled fabrics – certified by the Global Recycled Standard.

We caught up with Whitney to hear about the inspiration behind her new collection and why she is so excited to partner with RTR for another season. 

To start, let’s talk about the collection. Why are you so excited to be collaborating with Rent the Runway again for fall?

Rent the Runway has given me the opportunity to be a designer again and use it as a creative outlet. During quarantine, I have found that being creative and nurturing that part of my soul is what makes me the happiest. I discussed this with the launch of my last collection, but fashion has continued to be a way I express myself. Even during this time, we should still have fun with getting dressed up and enjoy how it makes us feel. 

What have been some of the biggest challenges, greatest risks and most memorable moments from your collaboration with RTR?

One of the biggest challenges was definitely the launch of my spring collection. We planned to announce the collaboration in April, but when quarantine started in March, we had to drastically change our launch plans. It was really sad for me because we poured so much energy, heart and soul into the collection. However, this allowed us to pivot and create content in a more creative way. We quickly began envisioning how people were actually going to wear the collection. We showed them how I’d wear and style each piece for just hanging around the house (since that’s all anyone was doing at the time). People were able to participate and enjoy the launch from around the country, which was really cool to see! 

The most memorable moment was when I saw the collections for the first time. It was a big reveal and great to see the designs become actual, tangible pieces. I was so excited to see them worn on so many different body types and styled in so many different ways. Another moment that continues to excite me is whenever I see people actually wearing the collections in their real lives. It’s the most amazing thing! 

See How Whitney Styled Her Collection and Rent the Look:

Images by: Vincent Elejorde

Was the inspiration behind the fall collection different than your spring collection?

The aesthetic and the idea behind both collections is the same in that I wanted everything to be super comfortable and versatile. I wanted it to be great for the person who really just wants to be comfy and casual at home and also great for the person who wants to get dressed up. The fall collection is a little bit cozier and the fabrics are more luxe. I focused heavily on how everything felt.


Describe the vibe of the new styles in 5 words or less.

Classic, edgy, comfortable, chic and cozy. 

We know you love them all, but what is your must-rent piece? How would you style it?

The black faux leather trench coat – it is the yummiest material. It’s so soft, comfortable and the shape is so amazing. Plus, it can be styled in so many different ways. You can wear it with a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers for a more casual look (perfect for taking your kids to school or run errands) or you can style it over a cute dress and heels or booties for a more elevated outfit. It’s just one of those jackets that I feel like I will be wearing for the rest of my life.

See How Whitney Styled Her Collection and Rent the Look:

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Images by: Vincent Elejorde

A third of this fall collection is designed with recycled polyester blends. Why is it important to think about the collection’s impact on the environment?

The fashion industry is one of the most wasteful, polluting industries in the world. It is so important to me that when I’m designing and producing things, I’m also thinking about the effect it has on our environment. Not only are a third of the fabrics we used in this collection sustainable, but the fact that there is a community who is renting, wearing, and returning each style is extremely sustainable in itself. That’s why I think Rent the Runway’s model of making fashion more sustainable is really important – it makes people feel good about what they’re putting on their bodies.

Rapid Fire Questions

  • Your first fashion memory: When I won president of my elementary school in fifth grade! I got a new outfit for my first speech. I got a hot pink, collared shirt with white, satin, tight pants. It was really out there. I remember wanting to make a statement and feeling really confident.

  • Biggest fashion regret: Definitely my ladybug look from one of the premieres of ‘The Hills.’ It was a viewing party, and I wore this red dress with black polka dots. I paired it with black tights, black boots and wore ringlets in my hair with blue makeup. Very buggy.

  • Personal fashion icon: I have a new one! Sigourney Weaver’s character from ‘Heartbreakers.’ She’s just so 90s cool and sophisticated.

  • A current book, podcast, or show that is inspiring you: I actually just started watching ‘Queen’s Gambit’ last night, and it’s totally inspired me to learn chess. It looks like such a challenging and fun game.

  • Your current guilty pleasure: Licorice ropes from The Grove Farmers Market.

  • Best advice you’ve ever received: My mom always tells me to stop being so hard on myself. I’ll say something that I want, need or am excited about, and then I’ll follow up with a justification of why I shouldn’t get it or don’t deserve it. I want to be able to want things and dream for things and not feel guilty about it.

  • Best advice you’ve ever given: To really take care of yourself right now. Make sure that you have some sort of self-care routine. You can’t take care of anyone else unless your needs are met. It may sound selfish, but it’s not. It’s necessary for the happiness and health of everybody around you.

Main Image by: Vincent Elejorde