We’re all guilty of spending more time figuring out what to wear on a plane than packing for the actual trip itself. Determining a travel outfit doesn’t come as naturally to even the most frequent flyers, especially if you’re traveling to a different climate or traveling for work. Rather than pulling your hair out hunting for travel clothes, start from scratch and rent chic, comfortable outfits for your travel wardrobe that can also see their fair share of use once you’ve reached your destination. (Shoutout to flight attendants who wear a full suit for the entire duration of the flight!) Whether you’re traveling for work or indulging in a weekend trip with your girls, we’ve got you fully covered when it comes to picking out what to wear on an airplane so you can find the perfect outfit for air travel. Now if only getting through security were this easy.

What to Wear on a Long Flight: Comfortable Travel Clothes


Comfortable airport outfits are key when mapping out what to wear on a long flight, especially if you’ll be on board overnight. International travel gives you a little more leverage to dress things down for your long haul flight outfit, especially for the sake of a good night’s sleep on the plane.

A pair of chic leggings is more than acceptable to sport on a long flight (rather than jeans or a dress). Keep in line with the athleisure trend by styling with a long sleeve tee you wouldn’t mind wearing for a few hours, along with casual slip-on shoes.With a blanket-inspired cardigan to top it all off, be prepared to curl up for the best airplane nap of your life.

What to Wear When Traveling for Work: Work Travel Clothes


It truly depends on where you’re headed as soon as you touch down, but you can still look completely professional (and comfortable) in stylish airport clothes for your business trip. Unless you have to rush to a formal meeting right after landing that calls for a business casual outfit, it’s easy to represent your company well and get away with a perfectly put-together look that’s deceptively cozy for your upcoming flight. As much as you’d probably love to get on the plane sporting leggings, exude the “look good, feel good” mentality with a pair of tailored skinny jeans. When paired with black mule slippers, this otherwise casual work travel outfit has first class written all over it.

What to Wear on a Plane from Cold to Warm Climate: Versatile Travel Clothes


Layers are the name of the game when it comes to temperature travel changes. Unless you’re headed from Hawaii to Minnesota in the dead of winter and are facing a drastic weather shift, it’s fairly easy to pack the right amount of layers that will keep you well-prepared from takeoff to landing. Just make sure you leave plenty of room in your carry on to squeeze in a light jacket or pullover, if needed. Start with a simple, loose tee or tank stop as your outfit base, paired with roomy pants that you can quickly roll up or down, if needed. Fashion-forward sneakers that can tackle any temperature are a travel must-have, and you’ll be thankful you packed socks as you go through the airport security line. Once you’ve hit colder weather, turn to a trusty bomber jacket to look and feel completely cool. This versatile travel outfit works both ways if you’re figuring out what to wear on a plane from cold to warm temperatures—simply reverse the layers and you’re set for the climate change.

How to Channel Celebrity Airport Style: Stylish Travel Clothes


If you’re still completely at a loss for what to wear on a plane, take a cue from the travel and style pros themselves: celebs. Celebrity airport staples tend to revolve around fashion-forward toppers, like bomber jackets, peacoats, or a blazer, with some form of denim bottoms and a relaxed top. To bring out your inner Gigi Hadid or Victoria Beckham at the airport, kick off the look with a light, posh overcoat. Neutral colors are also the way to go, but revamp your little black tee with a playful graphic, tucked into loose-fitting boyfriend jeans. With a travel ensemble as chic this, you may just find yourself warding off the paparazzi once you land.