We’re always on the hunt for a fresh source of WFH wardrobe inspiration. Nailing the perfect sartorial choices as we begin to balance remote work and IRL meetings, professional dress codes and bold new trends can be, well, tricky!

So how are the most fashionable among us doing it? They’re renting their clothes.


Recently, we sat down with April Lockhart — influencer, RTR member and Senior Manager, Influencer & Partnerships at Ilia Beauty — to learn her secrets to perfecting her professionally chic WFH wardrobe. 

Keep reading to hear how Lockhart gets it all done in a day (and looks good while doing it!) and steal a style tip or two. 

RTR: Why do you rent the runway? What made you want to join a membership?

April Lockhart: I love to dress for the occasion. Between work, events, travel and so many other moments in life, renting allows me to change it up for the moment.

I also love that it keeps my closet small — renting is true sustainability. So many times, I’ll only wear things a few times and then it sits in my closet, so RTR allows me to rent those fun items I might only wear once or twice, and then if I fall in love with something, I can always buy it. It gives me the joy of shopping, without the cost.

RTR: What was the first thing you rented?

AL: According to my order history, I rented a The Kooples Dress & Keepsake Dress in 2018. I quite vividly remember the excitement when I first tried them on.

RTR: Has your style or the way you get dressed changed since you started renting?

AL: RTR has definitely made me more adventurous in the things I wear, since there’s no big commitment to anything. My style evolves so frequently, and I really love committing to certain looks — one day I might feel super grunge, and the next day floral & feminine.  

RTR: Take us through your current typical work day.

AL: Wake up around 7:30AM, make a pot of coffee, answer emails — I usually get dressed and put some clothes on around 11AM when my meetings tend to start. I’m on a lot of Zooms throughout the afternoon and then I often try to make at least 1-2 influencer meetings throughout my week, either coffee or dinner. 

RTR: How would you describe your WFH personal style? 

AL: Definitely cozy on the bottom, and business on top for all the Zooms I’m on daily. A very comfy dress gives me the best of both worlds.

RTR: What are your current go-to rentals for a day of working from home?

AL: I love a comfy sweater dress like the Stine Goya Tinita Dress, which almost feels like sweats. It’s that good! I like to have a few nicer tops on hand for Zoom — currently loving fun ones like the HVN Kate Western Shirt, or the Iman Top by DVF and pairing it with a loose, breezy pant like the Ganni Crepe Pants

RTR: What is one WFH style or trend that you won’t be able to live without once IRL working becomes the norm again?

AL: It’s so basic, but sweatpants. I’m hoping I’ll always be able to find a chic way to pull them off — throw a blazer on top with a cute sneaker & call it a day? Fingers crossed. 

RTR: Describe your power outfit – the one you throw on when you want to feel like you can take on the world.

AL: A great pair of Levi’s that fit perfectly, a crisp white button down, cool sandal, oversized blazer and a unique little bag. Every STAUD bag I rent just makes me feel ultra cool. 


  • If I were a rental, I would be the Stand Studio Colorblock Coat because I’m always freezing, but still want to look chic.
  • To me, getting the RTR garment bag is JOY.
  • A designer I’ve discovered through RTR is Cinq a Sept.
  • The best style advice you’ve been given is invest in timeless items that will last you.
  • The fall trend I am most looking forward to renting is fun coats + jackets.