The summer travel season is officially upon us. Ready to take your travels to the next level? The perks of a RTR membership go beyond just really great outfits (though we have those too!).

From never having to do the dreaded post-vacay laundry again to sending your rentals  directly to your destination, these vacation packing tips will help you get the most out of your RTR membership for your next getaway — you jetsetter, you!

Tip 1: Send Your Shipment to Your Destination

Overweight baggage? Getting in trouble at the gate for having too many carry-ons? Could never be you. Sending your shipment directly to your destination is the ultimate game-changer when it comes to packing for vacation — or not packing, rather. Just make sure to change the shipping address to wherever you’re headed before swapping or placing your order! 

Tip 2: Return Everything Before You Leave

If you’ve ever dreaded post-vacay laundry, you’re not alone. Let’s be real: coming home from vacation is a bummer already — no need to add a week’s worth of laundry and a suitcase you still haven’t unpacked a week later into the mix. The good news? Renting makes it easy to send everything back before you board your plane home. Just swing by a dropoff location before you depart — or schedule a pickup in many cities throughout the U.S.!

Tip 3: Add Spot(s) for Any Extras

Can’t live without an extra beach cover-up? Dying to rent a pair of sunnies that you just know will complete all of your vacay looks? Need an extra dress for that fancy dinner reservation you made for the last night of your trip? It’s easy to add more spots at a moment’s notice if you realize you just need a little something extra to complete your packing list. 

Tip 4: Reduce Your Swaps

Traveling internationally? Taking a super long trip? We’re flexible! You can always reduce the number of swaps in your plan ahead of your next billing cycle if you know you’ll be doing some globetrotting. (Which means you’ll free up some $ in your monthly bill for extra spots — meaning more pieces to take with you — if you want!)

Now all that’s left to do is pick the perfect getaway-ready shipment!