Back in September we announced our plans to phase out our Unlimited Swap membership and that we would provide you with more details in early 2021. Since then, we’ve been working hard building a more personalized and customizable membership experience for each of you.

We want the transition into your new plan to be both seamless and exciting. After careful consideration, and as a thank you for sticking with us this year, we are now planning to phase out our Unlimited Swap membership in late spring 2021. 

In the meantime, please continue to enjoy your Unlimited Swap membership! You can also pause or resume your membership at any point throughout this time. 

We will be in touch in the spring to share more about your exclusive discount, plan options and provide you at least one month’s notice before the transition into your new plan begins.

As always, thank you for being a loyal member of our community. We can’t wait to introduce you to the new plans we know you’ll love.

Happy new year!


Questions? We’ve got answers.

Why is the timing shifting? Does RTR have to phase out this plan?

This has been a challenging year – for our members and for our business. We want to make sure this transition is seamless and exciting for our Unlimited Swap members and recognize that the start of the new year is going to continue to be trying for our community. We’ve been using this time to continue to invest in our new plans and build features that will make them more valuable and flexible ahead of this transition. While we understand our loyal members may still be frustrated with this decision to phase out our Unlimited Swap plan, this change is also for the health of our business. This transition will help set RTR up for success in the long term, ensuring that we can continue to offer smarter, more sustainable ways to get dressed, designed for the specific needs of our renters.

We hope this provides you with more insight into our decision, and we’re always here to answer any questions you might have. We look forward to sharing more about your new plan options, how the new plans work and your exclusive discount in the spring. 

What will happen during the transition? What can I expect next?

We’ve been hard at work designing a personalized experience to help transition our loyal Unlimited Swap members into our new plans next year. In the spring, you will be able to explore the plan options on your own on our site or RTR App and pick your own plan with an exclusive discount. You will receive at least 1 months notice before your last Unlimited Swap bill date in late spring and will be able to use that time to pick the plan that’s right for you. Our goal is to make this transition as seamless and exciting as possible – you’ll select a new plan and your account will automatically transition on your bill date. You’ll be able to keep your items at home, your hearts, and any other information associated with your account. 

All active members will receive a personalized plan recommendation based on the average number of items you’ve received per month since becoming a member of RTR. 

What do I need to do now? Does this change anything for me today?

No need to take any action today – continue to enjoy your Unlimited Swap plan. You can pause your membership for one month (and extend if you need a longer break) by visiting your Membership Settings. A few days before your resume date (noted in your settings), we’ll send you an email as a reminder. When you resume your Unlimited Swaps plan, you will pay your current monthly price. 

How do the perks of the new plans compare to Unlimited Swaps?

We’re excited to highlight a few benefits of our these plans:

  • A faster way to swap: Now you can pick new items instantly before sending back what you have at home! 

  • More time with items at home: Most of our Unlimited Swap members – 70% – were renting less than 8 items per month (usage data from prior to COVID). By introducing a faster way to swap and a set number of shipments per month we aim to enable members to spend less time returning and more time enjoying your items at home. 

  • Flexibility: Easily customize your spots and shipments included in your plan for your needs. 2 shipments with 6 spots each? 3 shipments with 4? Whatever works! Find your perfect combo for the long haul or customize each month based on what you’ve got going on. 

  • Reduced extra spot price: In our 8 and 16 item plans, extra spots cost $29/month + tax instead of $39/month + tax in the Unlimited Swap plan.

Is my price for my Unlimited Swap membership changing?

You will continue to pay your current monthly price for your Unlimited Swap membership until late spring 2021. If your membership is paused and you choose to resume, you will pay your current monthly price for your membership.

If you currently pay $139/month, this price will be phased out with our Unlimited Swap membership in late spring 2021. This price point was provided to an original group of Unlimited Swap members and this price will also be retired with this product. You will continue to be able to pay your currently monthly price for your membership until we recommend a new plan to you in late spring 2021. 

What happens if I cancel my Unlimited Swap membership?

Members who choose to cancel will not be able to rejoin this plan. We recommend pausing your membership instead in your Membership Settings and you now have the option to extend your pause for 1 month at a time. If you choose to cancel your Unlimited Swap membership, we can help you pick a new plan that’s right for you.