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What to Wear to a Job Interview

The What to Wear to a Job Interview Dilemma has puzzled even the most fashion-savvy of candidates for decades. On top of wanting to sound like the most accomplished version of yourself, you also want to look (and feel!) your best. But fear not, aspiring candidates — we’ve rounded up some of our favorite looks […]

Woman of the Future: Michelle Kennedy, CEO of Peanut

Michelle Kennedy wears many hats. Among them, she’s a true entrepreneur, tech-savvy trailblazer, and a badass mom to four-year-old son, Finlay. She was the deputy CEO of European dating site, Badoo, and remains a trusted board advisor at Bumble, which she helped to launch alongside Whitney Wolfe. Now, as co-founder and CEO of Peanut, an app […]

13 Must-Have Maternity Work Clothes for Modern Moms-to-Be

Even with a growing baby bump, there’s no way you’re letting your pregnancy cramp your style — especially for almost daily office wear. As much as you would love to show up to work in your pajamas, finding maternity work clothes that mesh comfort with style doesn’t have to be a chore. Instead of buying […]

Real Talk: How to Get Over the Nerves and Make That Bold Career Move

The gender pay gap is real. And, according to the World Economic Forum, it’ll remain that way for another 169 years — until 2186. Since that’s far too long to wait, the organizers of International Women’s Day have made this year’s theme #BeBoldForChange. “Through purposeful collaboration,” they explain, “we can help women advance and unleash the limitless potential […]

1 Girl, 3 Pieces, 5 Days: Cynthia, New York City Lawyer

Planning a week’s worth of stylish outfits can be a challenge, especially for working women with jam-packed schedules. From board meetings to bar meet ups, the modern boss lady has got to find a weekly wardrobe formula that can accommodate both her career and her social calendar. The best place to start? Looking to other women who have pulled it off for […]

5 Minutes with Marisa Polansky and Kristine Keller, Co-Founders of Speech Tank

First there was DIY. Then, came DIQ (Do It Quick). What’s next? We’re predicting 2017 will be the year of DWYW (Do What You Want) wedding planning. With an explosion of affordable services and experts just a click or swipe away, you have the freedom to DIY all the fun stuff and leave the rest to the […]

10 Conversation Starters That Take the Blah Out of Small Talk

Ah, breaking the ice. It’s among the most challenging interactions one can have. It tests your patience, your intelligence and, most notably, your people skills. Allow us to offer some foolproof advice. Get inspired by our favorite conversation starters that are sure to make small talk a little less awkward. Whether you’re at a wedding, with coworkers at […]

1 Girl, 3 Pieces, 5 Days: Kelsey, Social Media Editor

Ever wonder what it’s like working in fashion in New York City? From constant photoshoots to Fashion Week, it’s hard to imagine the job being anything but blissful. While it IS glorious being surrounded by beautiful clothes 24/7 (we should know!), there’s no denying the job is hard work. The unpredictable, fast-paced nature of the industry […]

7 Inspiring Quotes from Female CEOs Every Woman Should Memorize

While aspiring for greatness at work can be a fun, exciting ride, it can also be a bumpy one. Big dreams come with even bigger to-do lists, but who said changing the world would be easy? When the work seems endless and you’ve surpassed your coffee limit, sometimes a small piece of wisdom from a […]