The summer of love is in full swing! Tiny doves and cartoon hearts are floating over the heads of everyone you know. In preparation for all the vows you may or may not cry through, one important question must be answered immediately — what in the world are you going to wear?

May we present: the Summer Wedding Edit, packed to the brim with all the best trends this season has to offer. We’re talking punchy prints, sunshine-infused hues, dainty pastels and tastefully flirty cutouts for every and any dress code, to name a few. 

Don’t wait too long to secure your looks — reserve them in advance for any RSVPs on your radar to enjoy plenty of extra time worrying about literally everything else. Like, what to buy from the wedding registry! Chicken or fish? Bring a +1 or flirt with the wedding party? There’s so much to consider! 

Luckily, by renting your outfit, you can cross “wondering if leaving the tags on will make the dress itchy” off your list of concerns. Even better? There’s no risk of buyer’s remorse or cluttering your closet with single-wear purchases in the wake of wedding season. We see you!

Below, we’ve rounded up summer wedding guest dresses that we love *almost* as much as love itself. Keep scrolling to find your next great must-rent. 

Palmera Maxi

De La Vali

(PS: we have seasonally chic accessories to go with whichever dress is calling your name! Explore must-rent baubles, bags and beyond now.)