Current Unlimited Swap Members: What Does this Change Mean for Me?

This morning, our CEO & Co-Founder Jenn Hyman shared an update directly with you on where we’re taking the future of our subscription program. If you haven’t yet checked your inbox this morning, you can read Jenn’s full letter or the TL;DR below. 

Here, we’ll outline the most important information and answers specifically for you.


Next week, we’re debuting a new membership structure that brings to life the most requested features from members like you: a faster way to swap (!) and more plan flexibility. Customers will soon be able to pick from plans that offer up to 4, 8 and 16 items a month, and customize with extra items as needed. This evolution does mean that we will ultimately be phasing out our Unlimited Swap membership next year.


Right now, you don’t need to do anything other than continue to enjoy your Unlimited Swap membership. We’ll be in touch in early 2021 to ensure that you have a seamless transition into a plan that’s right for you at an exclusive discount. 


How long can I use my Unlimited Swap membership? Do I have to do anything to continue renting?

No action needed! You can continue to rent and swap with us — enjoy your membership through early 2021. At that point, we’ll be in touch to ensure you have a seamless transition into a plan that’s right for you at an exclusive discount. 

How do the perks of the new plans compare to Unlimited Swaps?

We’re excited to highlight a few benefits of our these plans:

  • A faster way to swap: Now you can pick new items before sending back what you have at home! 
  • More time with items at home: Most of our Unlimited Swap members – 70% – were renting less than 8 items per month (usage data from prior to COVID). By introducing a faster way to swap and a set number of shipments per month we aim to enable members to spend less time returning and more time enjoying your items at home. 
  • Flexibility: Choose when and how you swap! Use your swaps anytime throughout the month and choose whether you want to send back some or all of your items with each shipment.
  • All-inventory access: Our 8 and 16 items plans have all-access to all designers and styles in our rotating closet. 
  • Reduced extra spot price: In our 8 and 16 item plans, extra spots cost $29/month + tax instead of $39/month + tax in the Unlimited Swap plan.

Is my price for my Unlimited Swap membership changing?

You will continue to pay your current monthly price for your Unlimited Swap membership until early 2021. 

If your membership is paused and you choose to resume, you will pay your current monthly price for your membership.

If you currently pay $139/month, this price will be phased out with our Unlimited Swap membership in early 2021. This price point was provided to an original group of Unlimited Swap members and this price will also be retired with this product. You will continue to be able to pay your currently monthly price for your membership until we recommend a new plan to you in early 2021. 

What happens if I cancel my Unlimited Swap membership?

Members who choose to cancel will not be able to rejoin this plan. We recommend pausing your membership instead in your Membership Settings and you now have the option to extend your pause for 1 month at a time. If you choose to cancel your Unlimited Swap membership, we can help you pick a new plan that’s right for you.