Paused Unlimited Swap Members: What Does this Change Mean for Me?

This morning, our CEO & Co-Founder Jenn Hyman shared an update directly with you on where we’re taking the future of our subscription program. If you haven’t yet checked your inbox this morning, you can read Jenn’s full letter or the TL;DR below. 

Here, we’ll outline the most important information and answers specifically for you.


Next week, we’re debuting a new membership structure that brings to life the most requested features from members like you: a faster way to swap (!) and more plan flexibility. Customers will soon be able to pick from plans that offer up to 4, 8 and 16 items a month, and customize with extra items as needed. This evolution does mean that we will ultimately be phasing out our Unlimited Swap membership next year.


We wanted to provide transparency, time and assure you that you can resume and use your Unlimited Swap membership at any point throughout the upcoming months and holidays.

We’ll be in touch in early 2021 to ensure that you have a seamless transition into a plan that’s right for you at an exclusive discount. Until then, you can also continue to keep your membership paused and extend that pause at any time. 


Thanks to your feedback, we’ve started rolling out some new features since your membership has been paused:

  • Easier to buy items you love: 
    • Now you can view your members-only discount purchase price without having to rent an item first
    • And later this fall, you’ll be able to buy items with your members-only discount without renting the item first – even while you’re paused!


Can I still resume my Unlimited Swap membership? 

You can resume your Unlimited Swap membership at any point throughout the upcoming months. If you were previously an Unlimited Swap member before pausing with items at home, you can also resume your membership at any point before the transition in early 2021.

Do I have to do anything to keep my Unlimited Swap membership paused?

No, your account will remain paused until your resume date. You can extend your pause anytime you’re within 30 days of your resume date in your Membership Settings. If you have any questions about how to extend your pause, reach out to us at

Is my price for my paused Unlimited Swap membership changing?

If your membership is paused and you choose to resume, you will pay your current monthly price for your membership.

If your current price is $139/month, this price will be phased out with our Unlimited Swap membership in early 2021. This price point was provided to an original group of Unlimited Swap members and this price will also be retired with this product. You will continue to be able to pay your currently monthly price for your membership until we recommend a new plan to you in early 2021.