Picking a new plan after being an Unlimited Swap member can feel a bit overwhelming. You might think to yourself: What if the plan I pick isn’t right for me? But here’s the thing: The plan you pick is just a re-entry point to the endless closet. Once you’re in, you can customize your membership to suit exactly what you need.

When building our new plans, we took a lot of things into consideration. Flexibility, convenience and most importantly, you! While our memberships are completely customizable, the number of items included in each entry plan was influenced by real-members’ renting behavior including how often you swap and wear each item on a month-to-month basis.

But enough of us talking about our plans. Let’s get to it.


We asked former Unlimited Swap members to share their unfiltered thoughts on what they think of their new membership. Here’s what they had to say:


What 16 item members are saying: “With my new plan, I’m more intentional. I spend less time on the app picking items and more time living my life.” — Erika M.

What 12 item members are saying: “I’m really happy with it. I wouldn’t go back to Unlimited even if I had the option to.” — Mallory B.

What 8 item members are saying: “This is the kind of ease and accessibility I’m looking for, and it’s well worth the price.” — Britni C.

Now that you’ve met our new plans, it’s time to get to know the new perks!

Loyalty discounts and Fit Do-Over exclusive to former Unlimited members.