Summer has officially arrived in all its glory and warm weather fashion is in full swing. Ready to take your hottest nights to new heights? We’re here to help! Keep reading for our 6 best tips on how to build the perfect shipment and maximize your RTR membership for summer.

Tip 1: Consult your calendar — you’ve got plans! 

Between the record number of nuptials in 2022 and rising temps putting everyone in a celebratory mood, your schedule is filling up. Take note of plans that might benefit from a designer ‘fit (hint: all of them) so that you can hunt for just the right thing to wear. 

Need something for 4th of July fireworks? Going on vacation? Ready to let loose and party and need the perfect look to set the vibe? Whatever’s on your radar, be sure to pencil us in for a head-turning outfit.

Tip 2: Check your local weather.

Sure, it’s summer and things are heating up, but paying attention to the weather is still *super* important. Once the sun goes down, chances are it’ll get a tad chilly. Consider a light layer to pair with the mini dress you had your eyes on! High humidity next week? Pick something in a breathable fabric to have on hand.

Tip 3: See what’s new!

There’s always new things to love in the endless closet. Start your search with a leisurely scroll through new arrivals (to add newness to your heart lists, of course). Then, get acquainted with some of our exciting new exclusives, including Pam Love’s debut capsule collection of summer dresses, bold-hued frocks from Esteban Cortazar Collective, punchy prints from Busayo Collective and so much more

Tip 4: Tap into what’s trending.

Renting on repeat means tapping into the latest trends without having to devote closet space to anything forever. So, indulge in that Y2K-inspired rental and flaunt it on your next night out. Pick a puff-sleeved frock à la Bridgerton. With RTR, there’s no consequences. So dress like it!

Tip 5: Accessorize!

Skipping out on accessories when renting is like skipping toppings on a sundae. It’s basically illegal and not fun at all! Find your sartorial sprinkles in the form of eye-catching handbags, statement earrings, chic sunnies and more, all available to rent in the endless closet.

Tip 6: Follow your heart(s).

Our best tip for building the perfect first summer shipment? Heart every style and trend you want to try this season, then head to your hearts to start narrowing down your options. Think of this as the ultimate curation of everything you in the Closet in the Cloud. If you’re ever at a loss for rental inspiration, your hearts are always there to guide the way.