Summer is officially in full swing, meaning there’s no shortage of reasons to get dressed. From summer soirées to weekends spent out and about to nights on the town, RTR members are booked and busy — and where there are fun plans, really great outfits usually aren’t far behind.

In that spirit, we’re taking a peek into the cities (and shipments!) of some of the best-dressed members of the RTR community to see what they’re up to this summer — and of course, how they’re getting dressed for all of it! Up first is Dawnielle Tillman (@dawnielleeugenia) who took us on a tour of some of her favorite spots in Washington, D.C.

What’s in Dawnielle’s shipment:

RTR: What do you love best about living in your city?

DT: I love all the amazing events and the food. DC has something for everyone in terms of festivals, night markets, plays and nightlife. 

RTR: You have the perfect Saturday planned in your city. What’s on the agenda?

DT: My perfect Saturday would of course start with brunch. There are so many amazing places like the Pembroke, Unconventional Diner and loads more. Afterward a walk around the national mall visiting some of my favorite museums. By the evening I would find a live music venue for jazz, drinks and dancing. 

RTR: Describe the fashion vibe of your city in 5 words or less.

DT: I would describe DC fashion as creative, colorful, “clean girl” aesthetic.

RTR: Think fast! What was your favorite piece in your shipment and where did you wear it?

DT: My favorite piece was the Ronny Kobo Chuck pants, which I wore to the National Gallery of Art. 

Catch Dawnielle’s full video over on @renttherunway