We’ve heard from members that renting fundamentally changes how they view their entire wardrobe. When they rent more, they are able to buy less (and better!), investing only in high-quality essentials they can mix and match with what they rent from RTR.

Now, after you place a new rental, explore curated outfit inspiration right on your homepage (desktop and mobile web). Discover how to style rentals and essentials with masterful ease. The best part? Each outfit has been hand-curated by our Fashion Team.

How to Use Your New Perk


Finish the Look

See how to style what you rented with essentials to create your dream outfits. Place a new rental, but don’t see this feature? Because we are constantly adding new pieces to the site, you might not immediately see outfits for all of the pieces you rent. Our team is working hard to style all pieces available so you can always have inspiration.

Explore the Trends

In the “Outfit Inspiraiton” carousel on your homepage, explore outfit edits curated by trend and where to wear it. Discover pages of outfits around each theme. You can also rent and buy what you see. Simply click or hover to see the outfit credits.

Rent and Buy Your Favorites

See something you love in an outfit? Simply hover (on desktop) or tap (on mobile) on the outfit to see the full outfit credits. From there, you can click “BUY IT” to buy what you see from our partner brands. See something you want to rent? Click “RENT IT” and heart it to save for your next shipment.