Wedding season is upon us. We at Rent the Runway have plenty of collective experience as bridesmaids… and what better way to share our knowledge than to provide a handy bridesmaid dress guide to last through the whole season?! While it may be untraditional, renting your bridesmaid dress can cut costs and stress — and will keep your closet from looking like a scene out of 27 Dresses. 

This moment is all about standing next to your bride (whether best friend, acquaintance, sister or cousin) on her big day and being a part of the vision she’s dreamed of, no matter what color or style she requests of her bridesmaids. 

The task of finding the perfect bridesmaid’s dress can be daunting — it’s striking the perfect balance of looking fabulous solo and in group settings. The wedding photographer might suggest that all bridesmaids choose the same length dresses, but otherwise you might have carte blanche to express yourself within the assignment. Find the neckline, fabric, shape and style that work best for you and falls within the dress code — maybe even test the waters with a jumpsuit, assuming the bride gives her okay.

We’re here to help you demystify the bridesmaid dress dilemma. Dive into the rainbow: we have options that even brides with the most hyper-specific of visions will love — and the bridesmaid (that’s you) will, too! There are dozens of bridesmaid dresses to peruse, from the more traditional (blush and navy) to the unconventional (florals and metallics). Follow the ROYGBIV, and then some, below.

Red, Burgundy & Maroon

Orange & Yellow

Green & Teal

Cobalt, Bright Blues & Baby Blues

Pink, Magenta, Lavender & Lilac

Blush & Champagne

Gray & Silver

Keep it Classic with Black

Navy & Midnight Blue

Metallics! Go for the Gold, Silver or Bronze

Florals! Match the Bouquet