We’re on a mission to change the way the world gets dressed, and are so happy that you are a part of that. In today’s climate, we feel even stronger about that sentiment. We believe in the power, change and influence that the circular economy, renting and buying second hand will have on how the world interacts with fashion. 

Community is at the center of everything that we do, which is why we’ve taken the time to chat with our members about how Rent the Runway fits into their lives to assess what’s working, what’s not and what might be missing.

These conversations have led us to a breakthrough: the power of a rented closet means more flexibility. With sustainability, budget and access to amazing fashion at the forefront, we’ve updated our plans to be even more customizable and inclusive of where our members are.

First things first, what are the RTR membership options?

With an RTR membership, the perks are a huge plus: access to amazing designers at your fingertips, the perfect look for every occasion, constant newness, less laundry, free and fast shipping (2 business days or less!), more time for you and a confidence boost that comes with loving your outfit.

Now, we have even more options that meet the changing needs, budgets and preferences of our members:

What’s special about RTR’s newest membership, 2 Swaps?

Our business model puts our community first, always, and this was key in creating our 2 Swap plan. We’ve heard from our members that they are interested in a lower cost and lower maintenance way to access the Unlimited Closet during this time. Our 2 Swap plan is for the person that loves fashion, discovering new designers, trying every trend and the power to wear more while spending less. 

Here’s the gist…


Fast Turnaround
Let us know what you’re returning and instantly pick something new.

Free Fit Do-Over
If items in a shipment don’t fit to your liking in your first two months, contact us to exchange it for something new.

Keep it Forever (NEW! for all memberships)
You can now see the purchase price before you rent your favorites — buy what you love, rent the rest.

Members-Only Discounts
Early access to sample sales and exclusive price drops up to 90% off.

Free Shipping, Dry Cleaning & Rental Coverage

No Commitments 
Pause, cancel or change your membership at anytime.

What are the key differences between 2 Swaps and Unlimited Swaps?

With our 2 Swap plan, there are two key features that stand out: a Free Fit Do-Over, included for the first 2 months while the member is figuring out designer fit, and faster turnaround time. Because this plan only includes 2 shipments per month, we want to ensure our members get the most out of the closet, and that’s why we’ve created these exclusive features.

How does faster turnaround time work?

2 Swap members can let us know which items they’re sending back and instantly pick their next shipment on the RTR site or App. After confirming your shipment, you have 24 hours to send your returns back to RTR with your pre-paid shipping label. This feature isn’t included in the Unlimited Swaps plan.

With 2 Swaps, do I have to swap all 4 items at the same time?

With a 2 Swap plan, you are able to choose to swap all items for your next shipment or only swap a few. You do not have to send back all four items together, but doing so does maximize the number of new items you get per month. 

You can tell us which items you plan to return on the RTR site or App and then pick new items before your returns are in the mail. The number of items you mark as returning determines the number of new items you will get to pick for your next shipment. If you want to return 3 items and keep 1, you will be able to pick 3 new items for your next shipment.

Why doesn’t the Unlimited Swaps plan include this feature?

For all members, our goal is always to maximize the number of days you have items at home. The Unlimited Swaps plan includes an unlimited number of shipments and the ability to continuously swap items throughout the month. Our 2 Swaps plan includes a set number of total monthly shipments (2 Swaps = 2 shipments), hence the ability to mark the items you’re returning while you pick your next shipment.

As an Ambassador, can I switch to a 2 Swap plan?

Absolutely! Just email us at rtrambassadors@renttherunway.com and we’ll help you get started. We will ask you to send back any items you have at home, cancel your current plan and then you can sign up for your new 2 Swap plan.

Still have questions? Reach out to our Ambassador team rtrambassadors@renttherunway.com.