Ready to swap? Here you’ll find everything you need to know about returning items with FedEx.

We selected FedEx as our primary shipping carrier because of their vast network of 60,000 locations where customers can conveniently drop off their Rent the Runway returns.Additionally, FedEx is working to deliver 7 days a week and recently expanded their weekend delivery service to 17,000 towns and cities on Sundays.

Find your FedEx location

Tips & Tricks

We know our members establish routines around their return experience, so we’ve pulled together some tips for how to make FedEx returns work best for you! As always, when you receive a shipment, you’ll find a pre-paid return label in your reusable garment bag provided by FedEx. 

For the fastest returns, drop your shipment off at the below Drop-off box and FedEx locations. We’ve categorized in order of speed or returns back to RTR, but please pick what works for you:

  1. RTR Drop-off Box (Find your nearest location here)
  2. Official FedEx Store (FedEx Office Print and FedEx Ship Center)
  3. FedEx Partner Location (ex: Walgreens, Kroger, Safeway, Albertsons, etc)
  4. FedEx Authorized Ship Center
  5. FedEx Dropboxes

Get to know the pick up times at your preferred return location. Each location’s pick up times vary, so you have the flexibility to pick and choose which one to go to, on which day. Check the pick up time at FedEx.com/locate or ask at your preferred location. By returning before a pick up time, you will ensure your returns aren’t waiting and extra day to get back to RTR. 

If you’re still experiencing shipping delays, consider switching to one of our 4, 8 or 16 item plans where members have access to a faster way to swap. This plan allows members to pick new items before sending back items that you have at home. No more waiting for your returns to ship back to RTR! Contact us to switch your plan.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are my packages being shipped via FedEx Ground? 

FedEx Ground is used to ship to locations where FedEx’s estimated ship time indicates the shipment will get to its destination (either to our customer or one of our fulfillment centers) within 2 business days. FedEx Express is typically used to ship to locations where FedEx’s estimated ship time is greater than 2 business days. 

All shipping carriers (including UPS, FedEx, and Amazon) are experiencing delays due to COVID-19. If your service type is taking longer than expected this may be due to general carrier delays rather than the type of shipping service being used.

How do returns at the partner or FedEx drop box locations work? Is there a difference in shipping time?

Returns are picked up at the designated pick-up time and brought to the nearest FedEx hub for sorting and shipping – the same as FedEx Store returns. To ensure your returns are not delayed when using these locations, be sure to check the location’s pick up times and return prior to that time. If you have a FedEx Store available to you, these locations may have more frequent and reliable pickups.

Can I request FedEx Express or UPS labels?

At this time we do not offer options through other carriers or to request a specific service type. 

I still have UPS return labels at home, can I still use these?

If you have any old UPS labels at home, you can still use those labels and return at a UPS store or UPS partner location. Make sure to double check the carrier on the shipping label before making any returns as customers are responsible for any items which are not received back at RTR due to incorrect return methods.

I accidentally dropped off my returns at UPS instead of FedEx, what do I do?

Please contact us at help@renttherunway.com as soon as you realize your returns were dropped off at the wrong carrier. We’ll ask that you share any details you have about the time, location, or tracking information for your returns and will work with you to resolve this issue.

Customers are responsible for any items which are not received back at RTR due to incorrect return methods; Reserve customers may be charged up to the total retail price and members may be charged up to the members’ purchase price.

Why are my deliveries from RTR also being shipped via FedEx?

FedEx has been one of our long-time shipping partners and has delivered the majority of our customers’ shipments in 2020. We are constantly optimizing our delivery and returns services and may change our shipping services at any time.