Are you considering renting clothes for the first time? Or, not quite sure if a fashion subscription service is right for you? There are a hundred reasons why a Rent the Runway membership is the smarter, better, and more thrilling way to get dressed — without the typical drawbacks of traditional shopping (and spending). But, we’ll start with just nine. 

Here’s why so many women are renting their clothes on rotation with a Rent the Runway membership.

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Rent the Runway costs less than the average woman spends on clothing and clothing care per year. 

According to a recent survey, women, on average, will spend between $150 and $400 on clothing on a monthly basis, which equates to approximately $1,800 to $4,800 per year*. And that’s not even including dry cleaning. With a subscription to fashion, you can experience the highs of shopping without the lows of buyer’s remorse — and without spending beyond your budget. 

Try everyday brands you already love and discover exclusive, premium designers you will love. 

Choose from 100,000s of styles from 600+ designer brands. Literally. Access new and emerging designers like Ulla Johnson, Monse, Susan Alexandra, Staud and Co. Or try the classic brands you already know, including Levi’s, Rag & Bone, Madewell, J.Crew, Club Monaco and more. Everyday is a chance to wear the real thing for a fraction of the cost. 

Wear the trends you want to try, but aren’t sure if you want to buy.

RTR lets you try styles without commitment. Whether you want to rent a dress or a cozy sweater; try a new trend or stick with a staple, we have something for every style and every occasion. Best part? The RTR shared closet looks different every day as other members rent, wear and return items to be dry cleaned and ready for the next member. Welcome to the first ever living closet. 


Save time and energy when you shop less. 

Ready to reduce your screen time? Don’t spend hours shopping online, taking trips to different stores or reorganizing your closet every season just to wear the same things you always do. With a tap of a button, the perfect outfit is delivered right to you door. Now…what will you do with all that extra time? 

Make a smaller clothing footprint — and get dressed more sustainably. 

The average woman throws away 82 pounds of clothing per year. Cut down on clothing waste, and save a ton of money by NOT buying clothes you’ll only wear once or twice. Every time you rent, you’re saving all the water, electricity and emissions used to manufacture a new piece of clothing. And at the end of each season, we extend the life cycles of our garments through RTR Sample Sales and donations to organizations like Dress for Success and Operation Prom. Now that’s stylish. 

Get styles that YOU choose, plus personalized recommendations. 

We’re not going to send you a box full of random stuff — pick the styles you actually want and swap on your schedule. Not ready to pick everything yourself? We got you. Your RTR homepage is completely personalized to you. Overtime, we will recommend trends, designers and pieces we think you’ll love based on your renting history, items you have favorited and designers you’ve saved.


Free dry-cleaning, insurance, and 2-day shipping is included. Always. 

We handle the boring stuff like dry cleaning so you don’t have to — every item arrives clean and fresh to your door. When you’re done, just send your item back to us. Goodbye, dry cleaning bill! And we know that accidents happen, which is why we include rental insurance. Go ahead, wear all white to wine night. 

Rent the Runway memberships are designed to fit into your life. Pause or cancel anytime.

What you want or need to wear today might not be the same six months from now, and that’s okay! Our memberships are designed to be flexible and fit into your lifestyle. Have a busy month with lots of events — big or small? Add an extra spot (or more!) to your plan. Need to take a break? You can pause or cancel anytime. We’ll be here. 

Join a strong community of real women, fashion insiders and press who can’t get enough of RTR. 

RTR members have been sharing the secret of renting clothes for the past 10 years. More and more people (and the press!) are starting to catch on, and changing their lives by changing the way they get dressed. Don’t just take our word for it — trust them: as The Cut asked, “Seriously, Why Aren’t You Renting Your Clothes?” 

Are you ready to rent?

Get $100 Off Your 60-Day Unlimited Trial

Use code: THESHIFT at checkout

* Source: ING Direct, Capital One Survey, 2016

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