Drinks and designers? We could get used to this.

Join womenswear designer Peter Som, and spirits aficionado and RTR member, Chelsie Petras of @chelloveswine for a chat on fashion, fun and you guessed it — food — in celebration of our latest Designer Collective collection.

RTR: Tell us about your partnership with RTR and the Designer Collective. What is it? How did you get involved? What was the process like?

Peter Som: RTR’s Designer Collective is such a smart concept–working hand in hand with the team to create exclusive pieces only available at RTR.  The process of working with RTR was so easy and streamlined. They’ve allowed me to do what I love best–create and design–and basically the amazing team does the rest. How could I not love that?

How was this different from other collections you’ve created?

This collection was all about easy summer pieces to wear now.

There’s a lot of bright, bold colors. Walk us through that. What’s the mood/vibe?

I’m all about color! Summer is all about color–so I wanted the most saturated orange and the most cherry red but juxtaposed with the crispness black and white. The mood is all about those best summer moments with friends and family.

What roles do fashion and food (design/creativity) in your life and how do they relate, if at all?

Fashion and food are both about creating something beautiful and delicious — whether you wear it or eat it! Both should be a joy.

Describe this collection in 5 words or less.

Happy, summer, colorful, effortless….and brunch!

Do you remember the first time you saw someone wearing one of your designs? What was that experience like?
It was a complete thrill. It still is now — that feeling never gets old. And I have to say it’s an honor — knowing that someone chose my dress to own (or rent!) and wear is humbling. I love it.

What are you inspired by right now?

The colors of summer, Helen Frankenthaler, peonies and Lucy Liu.

Current mood: Optimistic.

First fashion memory: My Mom wearing her DVF wrap dresses backwards for a low back V.

Personal fashion icon: My mom.

Life-changing read: The Hill We Climb and Other Poems by Amanda Gorman

Last thing you Googled: “marcona almond crumble”

Guilty pleasure: Beef Chow Fun

Best advice you’ve ever received: Mind over matter. Thank you Mom (again) for that one!