Dinner parties are a thing again, finally, but after over a year of social distancing, our inner hosts are a bit rusty, so we sought inspiration from Jessica Latham, CEO and co-founder of Social Studies. Social Studies helps you pack an extra punch in your party planning by providing curated table spreads — dinnerware, decor, the works — for rent.

Read on and learn how to host sans stress with her top 10 tips.

1. Don’t overthink it! A relaxed host = relaxed guests.

2. Change into an easy outfit like a flowy dress or caftan and skip the heels as a host.

3. In order to help guests break the ice, provide some conversation-starting games like fun (and not too serious) TableTopics, appropriately themed to the evening and scattered around.

4. Set the mood with a playlist (we’ve curated a range on our Spotify channel).

5. For styling the table, we love incorporating things you can find around the house, like a printed throw blanket or crystals.

6. Guests are as happy with a one-pot meal and a big salad as they are with a multiple course meal. Keep your freezer stocked with pigs in a blanket, everyone loves them.

7. A dinner buffet is always a fun and easy way to serve a larger group a cozy meal at home. Or better yet, order your favorite Indian, Thai or Chinese food and serve it with a Social Studies rentable kit, which has everything you need to set a beautiful table.

8. Set the table casually with a ton of candles and if you have the ability, some greenery or flowers from the outside or a store nearby make all the difference.

9. Pull out all your serving dishes and make a plan. Label them with post-it notes so you aren’t scrambling at the last minute.

10. Cluster candles and floral arrangements in odd numbers and keep flowers low enough that guests can see over them.