Calling all party (hosting) people! Getting ready to throw the celebration of the summer? More importantly…do you need something amazing to wear? We’re to help with party host outfit ideas for any kind of occasion. 

But first things first, a few ground rules: 

  1. You set the vibe.
    What did YOU write on the invitation (or in the group chat)? You made the fashion rules, so make sure to follow them! Dressing to impress is the name of the game. 
  2. Read the room.
    Not hosting at home? The venue you choose may have an effect on what you should wear. Like, maaaybe don’t wear stilettos and a formal gown to an outdoor party. 
  3. Keep it comfy…ish.
    You’re likely going to be on your feet, mixing and mingling all night. After all, you’re the reason everyone else is here! Comfort should be on your mind when picking what you’ll wear to host a party, but it doesn’t have to be the only thing considered. 
  4. This is a main character moment.
    All eyes will be on you, at one point or another. Make the most of it with a head-turning rented outfit from the endless closet. 

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, below, we’ve provided tips on what to wear when hosting a few of our favorite kinds of parties, from al fresco soirées to birthday bashes, with must-rent outfit ideas for each. Read, heart and rent away!

What to Wear When Hosting a Dinner Party

Keyword: dinner. You’re going to be eating delicious food (and potentially cooking it too!), so we suggest you opt for a breezy frock in an allover pattern. The perks are endless: minor spills and kitchen mishaps will go unnoticed, plus, when you’re unable to eat another bite, your silhouette will be billowy enough to curb the need to run and change into sweatpants.

What to Wear When Hosting a Garden Party

Do you have private outdoor space and you want to show it off? (Quick follow-up question…can you feel our jealousy through the screen?) Garden parties are an absolute dream, for host and attendee alike. Play with the nature-inspired motifs of your surroundings by opting for a floral frock in any length that won’t drag on the ground. Pair with delicate gold and straw accessories to achieve the full garden party aesthetic.

What to Wear When Hosting a House Party

When it comes to hosting a house party, what you wear should be casual and cool — but don’t let that make you shy away from having your fashion-with-a-capital-F moment! Reach for casual separates with elevated details, like an asymmetrical hem or a luxe fabric, to level up your outfit.

What to Wear When Hosting a Birthday Party

When choosing what to wear when you host a birthday party, context is key! Are you the person of the hour, or the BFF helping to make their big day special? If it’s the former, this is your time to shine. Rent that Selkie mini you’ve had your eyes on, and snag those Insta-worthy heart-shaped sunnies. Go big or go home! 

If you’re simply hosting, defer to the birthday person — likely, dressing your party-best will not only be encouraged, it’ll be mandatory! So secure a playful mini and sleek accessories that will look amazing in photos and IRL as you welcome all their nearest and dearest into the celebration.

What to Wear When Hosting a Bridal or Baby Shower

Hosting a bridal or baby shower is a great opportunity to wear a dainty semi-formal daytime dress in a pretty pastel hue. Usually, attendees will be a mix of friends and family, so save the micro-minis and plunging necklines for your next girls’ night out. You’ll likely be on your feet shuffling gifts and moderating party games, so we suggest opting for a silhouette that isn’t too loose or flowy so that it doesn’t get in the way of your hosting duties. For bridal showers, unless you are the bride, avoid wearing white unless explicitly requested to do so.

What to Wear When Hosting a Bachelorette Party

The vibe we’re going for is hot, hot, hot! Unless you are the bride — or are specifically requested to do so by the bride — avoid white ensembles. The bride may have a theme she wants to stick to, so be sure to keep that in mind. But, if outfitting is up to you, reach for an itty bitty mini or something with playful cutouts. 

You’ll likely be partying ‘til the sun rises, so choose minimal jewelry that packs a punch. A reliable handbag is a must — whether toting Advil to ease potential hangovers or keeping a disposable camera nearby to capture every iconic moment, you’ll want something chic to keep all your must-haves on hand.

What to Wear When Hosting a Themed Party

Theme parties are fun, but for a host they can come with quite a bit of pressure! You’re setting the vibe for the rest of the night, so you better prepare to absolutely nail the theme you’ve selected. For a Bridgerton-themed soirée, rent something with dramatic puff sleeves or an empire waist. Going totally 90s or 00s? Channel your favorite pop star, or even reimagine one of your own looks from yesteryear with modern twists on the Y2K era.