Motherhood is far more complex and amorphous than the prescribed “woman who gives birth to child.” Under normal circumstances, she (or he!) can assume the role of parent, friend, mentor, chauffeur, alarm clock, dentist appointment reminder-er and so much more.

Yet in today’s COVID-19 reality, these circumstances—as we all know—are far from normal. Current mom’s have taken on the added responsibility of teacher, playmate, chef, sports coach, human jungle gym, the list goes on and on. And expecting moms have had to rethink everything from their birth plans to what life at home with a newborn will look like during a time when everything feels uncertain. 

But normal circumstances or not, the incredible thing about whomever we choose to call mom, is that even in the most unsettling times, they continue to be the compass to guide us through the storm. 

We chatted with current moms and moms-to-be, to hear how they’re navigating this new normal—from wearing the same leggings everyday to mapping out a new birth plan.

First up: twins, co-founders of Lizzie Fortunato, and soon-to-be new moms, Kathryn and Lizzie Fortunato. They’re sharing the ins-and-outs of their shifting birth plans and changing bodies, plus the best advice they’ve received to date. Hint: don’t buy it, rent it.

Up next, meet Aicha Balde, an Indianapolis-native and the mama of two girls who love to get dressed up, she joined RTR during her first pregnancy and can’t imagine her life without it. She tells us how renting her wardrobe helped her through her postpartum depression and how her day-to-day has shifted since working from home with kids. Key word: active.

Finally, Denise Jones is shedding light on the first trimester (spoiler: not her favorite), practicing gratitude and staying positive in times full of uncertainty and anxiety. Due this July, she opens up about how her birth plan unexpectedly shifted and managing to find a silver lining.

We hope these honest stories of resilience and hope have given you some idea of what it’s like to be a mom, especially right now. Shout out to the RTR parents truly managing to do it all!