If you’re a RTR member, then you’re clearly a smart person. By choosing to subscribe, you’ve made a financially responsible, eco-conscious decision and we want to reward you for it. To make sure you’re reaping all the benefits of your subscription, we’re going to share 10 insider hacks that our current members swear by.

1. Read the Reviews

Trying on clothes can be daunting; you have to evaluate each piece’s material, fit and value right on the spot. We’re here to take the pressure off. RTR photo reviews are like a personal fashion focus group. Before you rent any style, peruse community members’ feedback on each of those factors, and get to see how they styled it. Pay it forward and submit a review every time you rent.

2. Heart Your Favorites

You know that feeling when you fill up your online cart with clothes you can’t buy? Kiss that feeling goodbye. “Hearting” is like filling up your cart and realizing all those styles (and more!) are already in your closet. Use it to organize your picks into your hearts so you everything is easily accessible when you’re ready to rent. Plus, the more you heart, the more personalized style recommendations you’ll receive.

3. Check Out Your Personalized Homepage 

One of the best parts of an RTR subscription is that you have access to a closet with 1,000s of styles. To help you navigate your new closet, our Fashion Team works to organize and curate custom styled carousels for your subscriber homepage. Looking for day-to-dinner dresses? Check. In need of a hero top? We’re here to save the day.

4. Download the App

We know you’re busy. The RTR app is designed to make renting as efficient as possible. Get the same curated selections from your subscriber homepage on-the-go, plus get early access to new arrivals. Raid your dream closet wherever, whenever.  

5. Stop by the Store or Drop-off Box Location

If you’re like us and live in a city where closet space is scarce, it’s hard not to fantasize about having a giant closet. Well, now you have 5  (and counting!) all across the country, each armed with a team of stylists dedicated to helping you find quality styles as quickly as possible. Stop into an RTR store to see all your clothes in person, drop off your most recent rentals and receive a custom consultation to put together your next look. 

In addition to our stores, members can scan and return any of their rentals to instantly open up a spot and at one of our Drop-off box locations in select WeWork and Nordstrom locations across the nation.

6. Contact the Member Concierge

Don’t live near a store? Too busy to visit? Don’t worry. Our Member Concierge team is available by phone, email or on our dedicated customer service twitter account (@RTRhelp) to provide all our store services on the go. We have hundreds of stylists who are available to help you with everything from styling advice and shipment tracking. Call if you need anything, ever.

  • Email us – help@renttherunway.com
  • Tweet us – @RTRHelp
  • Call us – 1.800.509.0842 (Monday-Friday: 9am-9pm EST, Saturday & Sunday: 9am-4pm EST)

7. Follow Us on Social

Stay up to date with everything RTR and follow us on social media. Our InstagramFacebook and Twitter are here to serve you a constant stream of style inspo. Get a behind-the-scenes look at how our teams work and what our designer partners are planning for each season. Plus, keep an eye out for your own photos! We’d love to see how you style your rentals.

8. Try On ASAP

As any longtime RTR member will tell you, you don’t want to waste a second once your rentals arrive. Try them on wherever you are – in the store, at your office, or at your friend’s house – so you can start wearing them as soon as possible. The more you wear each item, the more opportunity there is for different styling possibilities.

9. Keep it Forever

While we’re huge advocates for keeping your closet concise, there are just some rentals that are too good to give back. Whenever you rent something that fits you so perfectly that you can’t part with it, purchase it from us at a  members-only discount. A new spot will open on your subscriber homepage and you’ll own a new designer piece without having to leave your house. Talk about a win-win.

10. Use Your Exclusive Reserve Discount

We’ve saved the best for last. As a member, you now get 25% off all 4 and 8 day Reserve rentals. Yep, that’s right. You can now rent for every single event on your calendar for a fraction of the price. 

Follow these 10 hacks and we promise your RTR membership will be even better than expected. Insider status, achieved.