Sisters-in-law Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard launched their namesake label in 2010. Their signature Dickey Jacket (a polished blazer with interchangeable inserts that give you that chic, layered look without the bulk) became a fast favorite of women everywhere. Since then, the Veronicas have gone on to create the ultimate power wardrobe.

From versatile dresses to feminine blouses, Veronica Beard is known for daytime wardrobe staples that turn any outfit into a look with next to zero effort. We sat down with the Veronicas who captured the fashion industry thanks to their fresh take on power dressing.

About the collection

What was the inspiration?

Concrete Jungle – a bold expression of strong and sexy femininity that celebrates the confidence of today’s woman.

Who’s the woman?

We’re designing for every woman out there! We’re creating universal clothing to empower her and make it easy for her to get dressed in the morning, regardless of her age, stage in life or profession. We love designing the pieces that you live your life in. Whether you’re getting up and getting out the door, en route to a meeting, or dressing for a special event, we believe our greatest advantage is that we are women designing for women everywhere.

Describe the collection in 5 words or fewer.

Bold, sophisticated, vibrant, feminine, confident.

What piece is the most rent-worthy? Why?

The Dickey Jacket is our answer to looking classic, chic, and versatile without having to think too much about it. You can mix and match different Dickeys to show your personal style, update your look from day to night and make a statement without having to change your jacket or add an extra layer of bulk. They’re ideal for dressing on the go!


On Their Working Relationship

Was there ever a make-or-break moment in your relationship? What did you learn from that?

We haven’t had a make-or-break moment, but we learned so much from starting our brand together— it was quite the meeting of the minds. At family gatherings we found ourselves chatting about fashion, styling, and trends – what we loved, what we wanted, and what we needed, and we landed on the concept of designing a classics-with-a-twist uniform for busy women. Finally, with the concept of the Dickey Jacket, we decided to take the leap. We knew there were other women out there like us, who wanted a chic answer to everyday dressing.

How do you grow from disagreements or differences in perspective?

VMB: We’re juggling so many things, so we’ve got to keep it moving and think of the big picture. You can’t get caught up in the weeds on something that doesn’t impact the greater good of the business. With two of us, we can divide and conquer, and we generally have similar tastes, which makes it easy!

VSB: We would not be where we are today if there weren’t two of us – our two perspectives are what make this brand so unique and genuine. While, we don’t always agree on every minute decision or design detail, we are always aligned on the big picture and having each other makes our successes that much more rewarding. We meet in the middle on most pieces, most collections.

When do you have the most synergy? What defines those moments?

When we’re having a conversation about a new collection or collaboration because we feed off each other’s ideas and can come up with a concept that’s exciting and evocative of both our personalities. We can brainstorm for hours and not realize how much time has passed because we’re so deep into developing the next concept. For us, that’s the definition of a synergistic moment!

Now, Let’s Get Personal.

What’s your morning routine like?

VSB: I don’t leave the house without using Oribe Curl Gloss and Augustine Bader cream.

VMB: I check the weather to decide what to wear and then I head to Joe’s Coffee.

What’s your go-to work outfit?

VSB: Our Debbie Jeans paired with a tee, Dickey Jacket and heels.

VMB: Jeans or a dress with a Dickey Jacket and high heel booties.

What’s on your desk?

VSB: Photos of my family, my notebook with ideas for upcoming projects and of course, a computer and phone.

VMB: A lipstick, bobby pins, pictures and a stack of mail.

First thing you do when you get into the office/studio.

VMB: I walk around the office and catch up with everyone, then I answer emails and make any time sensitive calls. It’s important to be present and connected. Our team is like family to us and we appreciate all they do for the brand.

VSB: If I don’t have a meeting first thing, I answer any pressing emails and walk around the office—I’m so thankful for everything our team does day in and day out to keep the momentum going.



How do you get into the creative zone?

VMB: Checking out what other people are wearing on my way to drop off the kids at school, looking at Instagram and travel photos, getting into the lyrics of a song or checking inventory levels of my favorite Veronica Beard products.

VSB: I look at swatches or go on Pinterest.

The favorite part of your day is…

VSB: Coming home to my boys!

VMB: Dinner with my family.

When the day’s over, how do you unwind?

VMB: Glass of red wine.

VSB: With a glass of wine!

What’s currently inspiring you right now?

VMB: Travel—I’m always planning a trip to somewhere far away and off the grid! I was just in Kenya with the kids and I was so inspired by the culture, animals, colors and topography. Introducing my children to new cultures is humbling and reminds us that there is more to the world beyond our NYC microcosm.

VSB: Home décor is a serious passion of mine. If I wasn’t a fashion designer, I’d be flipping and re-decorating houses!

The best lesson you’ve learned from Veronica?

VMB: To compartmentalize. Try to focus on matters at hand and don’t get caught up in the emotions of a loss or mistake. Keep seeing the big picture!

VSB: I’ve learned how to better manage my time and keep moving towards the big picture goal in pursuit of things that impact the greater good of the business.