RTR member and badass new Minnesota mom Jenna Kutcher shares maternity style tips and how Marie Kondo helped her to buy less during an important stage in her (and her brand new babe’s) life.

Did you know that women regularly wear only 20% of the clothes that they own? As someone who has a very full closet but often times feels like she has nothing to wear, I knew I needed to change, my solution. 

As I started to map out some goals, hopes, and dreams this year, I was drawn to touch on something that never lived on my vision board before: a plan for my wardrobe. Before you roll your eyes at me or wonder where this post is going, I’ve been thinking a ton about the amount of clothes I own, most of which never get worn (because my “mom uniform” has been strictly leggings and baggy sweaters, usually paired with a nice dose of spit up!)

Rent the Runway_The Shift_Jenna Kutcher_

I should probably thank Marie Kondo for her Netflix series, “Tidying Up,” because as I watched it, I knew I wanted to be more mindful of inviting clothes in that spark joy, and to focus on things I truly loved instead of having a closet full of mediocre stuff.

But, one of the challenges I was up against for this new mission, was my ever-changing body. 

As I packed up my maternity clothes (except for a few of my favorite leggings with the high waist) and looked at my pre-pregnancy jeans that still didn’t quite fit, I was tempted to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe in my current size. But, then I found a way better solution: a monthly membership with Rent the Runway. Yes, yes, yes! This was the answer to my fourth trimester-wardrobe dreams and my desire to cut back on excess clothing. I’m pretty sure the angels started singing at this point.

Rent the Runway_The Shift_Jenna Kutcher_

I’ve officially fallen in love because of Rent the Runway. I’m only wondering why I didn’t use this when I was pregnant — um, hello, amazing maternity styles for one flat fee (officially kicking myself!). 

So, for all the people at the back, here’s why you don’t need to expand your wardrobe even if you’re expanding your family: 

  • RTR has a maternity edit so if you’re expecting, you have a place where you can rent a few pieces that will work with your bump without having to invest into stylish maternity clothes.

  • I don’t have to buy a new wardrobe in my current size while my body transitions post-baby! They even have recommendations for both my size and my body shape!

  • I can be more mindful about clothing overall. I want to bring intentionality into my purchasing decisions, and so renting is an awesome way to try before I buy anything.

  • I can rock designer labels without the price tag. As a girl who isn’t too big on labels but loves fashion, it’s so fun to get to try items I might not want to fully commit to without the pressure. 

  • I get to swap out items, so that I always have new pieces revolving into my life. It may sound silly to some, but it’s so cool to have new outfits that I can rent, enjoy, and return.

I am loving this solution and enjoying not only picking pieces to help me navigate this new season of motherhood, but also plan ahead for things like everyday life, events, photos and vacations! If “tidying up” and being more mindful about fashion is on your radar, I’d challenge you to take the pledge to buy less too. 

This piece was originally published in Oct 2019 on Jenna’s blog, The JK Blog.