Similar to wedding and engagement photos, maternity photoshoots will leave you with touching and memorable photos that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Producing a photoshoot is probably the last thing most expecting moms have on their minds, but more and more pregnant women are finding it worth the hassle to capture this special moment in their lives. This handy guide will not only give you tips on how to plan one, but also help you select the perfect maternity dresses for photoshoot that capture stunning maternity pictures to remember for a lifetime.

First Steps in Planning a Maternity Photoshoot

The first thing you want to do is hire a photographer. Engage one who has had plenty of experience with maternity photoshoots in the past so they can recommend concept ideas that suit you and find the perfect location. And when you have the photographer, concept, and location set, it’s time to pick a date for the shoot.

You want to be far enough along in your pregnancy that your bump is on full display but you don’t want to wait until you are too close to due date either to avoid feeling uncomfortable. We recommend setting the date somewhere around the 28- to 35-week mark — that way your belly has popped already and you still have a good amount of energy.

Maternity photos celebrate a special moment in your life and capture precious memories to look back on. We’ve all experienced the uneasiness of looking at unflattering photos of ourselves before and we definitely don’t want that for your maternity photos, so make sure that your hair and makeup is on-point. If you feel your skills aren’t up to par or just need an extra pair of eyes to check your glam during the shoot, hire a professional or ask a talented friend to be your on-set helpline.

Select Maternity Dresses for Your Photoshoot

We’ve just covered how to set up, and now comes the fun part — figuring out what to wear for the shoot! It doesn’t really make sense to drop a ton of money on a dress that you will only wear once. Let’s be honest, we don’t want to be caught in the same maternity dresses worn in these photos that will be on full-display at home and on social media pages. But thankfully for you (and your wallet), you can rent from a wide variety of beautiful maternity dresses for your big photoshoot. From flowy maxis to skin-tight maternity frocks, we’ve rounded up all the maternity dresses for your photoshoot to show off your bump in style.

1. Glam Up with Flowy Maternity Maxis


A flowy maternity maxi is probably the most popular silhouette seen in maternity photoshoots for a reason. The lightweight whimsical frock is not only comfortable but incredibly flattering for your bump. The long and loose dress will keep any body part hidden that you don’t want to be shown, but still beautifully show off your bump when you grasp the fabric at bottom of your belly.

Since a long maternity dress makes a statement on its own, avoid prints and patterns and stick with options in solid colors to avoid taking attention away from your belly. Depending on the direction you want to take with your images, you can easily glam up the maxi dress with bold jewelry and a pair of heels, or keep things casual by wearing flat sandals or going barefoot.

2. Feel Extra Feminine in a Lace Maternity Gown


3. Fitted or Wrap Maternity Dresses Casually Show Off Your Bump


While flowy maternity maxis and lace gowns are ultra glam options that will take your maternity shoot to the next level, they probably aren’t the typical pieces that you reach for day-to-day throughout your pregnancy. If over-the-top is not your style, fitted or wrap maternity dresses can give you an on-trend put together look while still accentuating your pregnancy curves. Plus, a fitted maternity frock will draw the eye to your bump no matter how you pose.

Fitted dresses can sound uncomfortable, but the key staying snug throughout the shoot is to select stretchy fabrics that will move with you as you switch up your pose. Dainty jewelry is just enough to add some sparkle without taking attention away from your bump.

4. Celebrate Your Everyday Maternity Look with a Second Relaxed Option


If you want to remember how you really looked and dressed while you are expecting, bring along a more relaxed casual dress too. Having a second option on hand that feels more “you” is always a good idea, as it will make you feel better on set and give your photos more variety.

Capture your true maternity style by choosing a dress silhouette that makes you feel good. Whether you love lace accents or bohemian styles, rent a second option that shows off your personal fashion sense. This will make you feel more comfortable in front of the camera and that will shine through in your photos. Explore thousands of maternity styles to find the perfect maternity look for your big photoshoot.

Practice Maternity Poses Before Shoot Day

Once you’ve nailed the perfect outfit, the last thing to do before your shoot day is to practice poses in the mirror. Avoid wasting time on-set so that you can get as many photos taken to score that perfect one! This should be easy if you’ve already figured out your best angles. But for those who need some direction, showing off your side profile is a go-to pose for maternity photoshoots — you just have to find your flattering side. Other tried-and-true poses include placing both hands below your bump or gently hugging it, with one hand resting above and the other arm wrapped around under. And top it off with a gentle gaze or smile. If you still don’t feel confident about your poses, that’s when you consult your photographer or helpline for fresh ideas.