Contrary to some popular belief, body types aren’t meant to be reduced to fruits — we’re looking at you, apples and pears — or random geometric shapes that dictate what you should or shouldn’t wear. Because no body fits neatly into one of these aforementioned boxes (and why should it?) finding rentals that fit exactly the way you want them to when you have long legs and a short torso can feel intimidating at first. 

Luckily, thousands of member reviews and a free backup size with every one-time rental can help take the guesswork out of finding your perfect fit. And to make things even easier, we put together a cheat sheet of amazing styles for your unique body type that we know you’ll be obsessed with, based on which favorite features you want to highlight.

If you want to: show off your legs for days

Let’s start with the obvious: a mini dress or up-to-there slit is always going to ensure your legs steal the show. For those on the taller side, we already know what you’re thinking — “will I be able to bend over in that?” The search for the perfect mini-but-not-too-mini dress is real! The RTR community is here to help answer all of your questions with thousands of member reviews.

If you want to: go high-waisted

If you’re looking for another way to make your long legs the star of the show (as you should!), we love high-waisted pants or jeans with a flared leg. Pro tip: check the description and member reviews for the rise and inseam measurements to make sure you’ll love the length and where the waist hits. Taking the look to new heights — literally — with a really great pair of heels? Optional, but encouraged.

If you want to: make your waist pop

To accentuate your waist, pieces with tie details or elastic at the waist will get you the look you’re going for and have the added benefit of adjusting to your exact size and shape, regardless of whether your natural waist matches up exactly with the silhouette. (A common struggle with long legs and a short torso!)

If you want to: rock crops & cutouts

Want to show a little skin? You were born to rock a crop top. Shorter lengths and cut-outs are a great way to celebrate your unique figure. Your short torso makes a super cropped silhouette and up-to-there cut-outs easier to wear without worrying that your outfit will feel too bare. Puff sleeves are another silhouette you’ll probably love, since a shorter torso gives you plenty of room to play with volume and proportions on top.

TLDR: It’s time to ditch the rules and wear whatever makes you feel amazing. With a little help from the RTR community, finding the just-right fit for your unique body type is easier than ever. Your next great must-rent awaits!