According to Munthe’s founder and creative director Naja Munthe, style should be effortless and celebratory of everyday living — and the brand’s must-rent pieces are exactly that. Established in 1994 and based in Copenhagen, Munthe offers clothes that are designed to fit seamlessly into the lives of the real women they’re designed for.

Recently, we caught up with Munthe to chat about her favorite pieces, where she finds her design inspiration and the joy of seeing Muthe on Rent the Runway.

On starting Munthe

“I’m 53. I started Munthe 27 years ago just after graduating school. I was very young and all I wanted to do was design clothes.”

On designing for both fashion and function

“Living in Copenhagen, you really test your clothes every day and I think that’s a good thing. I think that Danish women have a very effortless style and when I design, I bear in mind all the time that you need to be able to go to school, work and bicycle [comfortably]. I always keep in mind that [clothing] should be some kind of a catch-all.

On her favorite piece in the collection

“I think that the [Neat Mixed Plaid Shacket] is one of my favorites. It’s made in Scandinavian colors, which are lively — they’re quite bright — and it goes really well with denim and stuff like that.”

On seeing Munthe designs on Rent the Runway

“Since Munthe is a highly sustainable company, it’s right up my alley to see that the pieces that I designed always have a second life. The idea of you wearing a dress, and then someone else will have the joy of wearing it, I think it’s fantastic and amazing.”