Season after season, designers continue to pay serious homage to bohemian (boho) style, which means the aesthetic that originated in the ‘60s and ‘70s will likely never go out of fashion. 

At its core, bohemian style is characterized by a laid-back, expressive essence. Think: flowing silhouettes, soft fabrics and folk-inspired patterns. If this distinctive look sounds familiar, that’s because you’ve probably spotted it at a music festival (hello, Coachella and Glastonbury) or on street style icons like Nicole Richie, Zoe Kravitz and Sienna Miller.

From its early emergence to modern day trends, learn more about bohemian fashion and rent our favorite boho styles below.

The Definition of Boho Style

There’s a reason why boho fashion has endured for decades and continues to cycle back into our closets again and again. It’s more than just a fleeting trend; the boho lifestyle is associated with freedom, an escape from bourgeois conventionalism, and a deep interest in different cultures. That’s why boho-chic clothing often boasts flowing fabrics, Moroccan kaftans or Ukrainian-inspired folk blouses, and other staples that encapsulate a free-spirited attitude.

The key to mastering boho fashion lies in making sure your outfit has an easy, unstudied feel as if you’ve just happened to throw it all together. But hey, we know even the most effortless looks require a little planning and coordination.

Boho Style: Printed Maxis are the Perfect Boho Dresses

The epitome of boho style, a collection of breezy maxi dresses is a must-have for anyone interested in this trend. Look for maxis in neutral or muted shades, flowing fabrics, and understated patterns—like ditsy florals, pretty paisley, or geometric shapes. 

Boho Style: Flowing Maxi Skirts are a Staple Boho Clothing Piece

A floor-sweeping skirt that channels your free spirit will also go a long way in your urban-boho style wardrobe. This versatile piece can be worn in any season, and be styled in so many different ways. Team your maxi skirt with a crochet top, semi-sheer kimono, or drapey cardigan to strike a modern boho vibe, or rent a matching top for a chic, coordinated outfit. 

Boho Style: Peasant Blouses are a Must

Nowadays, the peasant blouse comes in dozens of stylish variations. There’s the traditional cotton style, which typically comes with puffed sleeves, a wide neckline, and detailed embroidery that reflects bohemia’s love of handcrafted clothing and jewelry. Then there’s the modern-day incarnation—usually a printed silk blouse that boasts a few boho elements, like a billowy fit and tassel ties. Luckily for you, either of these peasant blouse iterations work well worn with flared jeans and wedge heels or a flowy maxi skirt.

Boho Style: Kimono-Style Boho Tops

At the peak of the trend’s heyday, boho style icons often donned kimonos—popular for their loose, unstructured shape and voluminous sleeves. In the form of versatile floral robes and silk tunic tops, this au courant piece is back in a big way. The floaty Japanese-inspired silhouette lends a hint of drama to your boho look while remaining totally effortless, especially thrown over an easy T-shirt and faded jeans.

Boho Style: Textured Vests & Jackets

Complement your breezy boho dresses and folksy embroidered blouses with faux fur vests or shearling jackets. These cozy outerwear pieces add layers and necessary texture to your look (à la Kate Hudson’s coat in Almost Famous or Janis Joplin’s look at Woodstock). Keep it neutral in earth-inspired tones—such as rich browns, beiges, taupes, and creams—for an authentic look.

Boho Style: Relaxed Bohemian Pants

In addition to flared jeans and patchwork corduroy pants, a pair of relaxed trousers is the perfect addition to your boho wardrobe. In this case, “relaxed” can mean anything from harem pants (loose throughout the leg and tightly fitted at the ankle) to wide-leg trousers (one of this season’s biggest trends). Again, think loose and flowy silhouettes that afford plenty of freedom of movement and zero constrictions.

Boho Fashion: Fringe Accents

Fringe became popular in the 1920s as part of the flapper’s uniform before cycling in and out of fashion throughout the 1960s, ‘70s, and ‘90s. There was a sudden resurgence of fun tassel detailing last fall. We saw this detail on leather skirts, kick flare jeans, clutches, and earrings. Style tip: You don’t have to feel like you walked out of a Western film to wear fringe. Pair a fringe-trim jacket with a simple pair of jeans for an approachable, everyday ensemble.

Boho Style: Find Nature-Inspired Accessories in Boho Jewelry

Dangling earrings! Tassel necklaces! Woven handbags! While the best boho-chic accessory might be a flower crown, earthy jewelry is your next best bet. Look for unique pieces made with natural elements like feathers, coral, wood, and turquoise.

With all of these must-have pieces, you’ll be sure to rock the bohemian trend effortlessly. Rent one of these must-haves for a subtle nod to the trend, or go all out with a full outfit inspired by your favorite boho style icon.