You don’t need us to tell you that, baby, it’s cold outside. But deep into any season, that seasonal fatigue sets in and you yearn for inspiration — it can even sneak up in the seemingly carefree summer months! Below are our ideas for building the perfect bundled up ’fit. Layer yourself stylishly for transitional weather. 

Make it a Double

Double up on outerwear in mixed and matched prints, textures and silhouettes. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did. Pro tip: Mix prints and solids for a seamless layered pairing. Your transitional closet will appreciate your layers of ingenuity.

Leather Weather

Speaking of leather, mid-winter weather presents an opportunity for experimenting with leather-on-leather. Finish with a bold statement coat, easily ditched as the sun comes out. That’s the beauty of the layered look. Boundless opportunities (and layers, layers, layers) await you. Embrace the transitional moment.

One Piece Wonder

Faux leather overalls or a patterned cold-weather jumpsuit beg for a partner in crime: Try layering a fun printed turtleneck underneath. Coupled with a classic leather handbag… hello, layers of chic. 

Boosted Neutrals

We love a neutral, monochrome look. Try adding intrigue by layers of prints in the same colorway. Pro tip: Play with fit, texture and shape.