We get it–the daily “what do I wear to work?” dilemma is a real one. Balancing your own personal style with the vibe and dress code of your office can be challenging. When getting dressed for work, it’s easy to get stuck in a routine of wearing variations of the same thing. Whether it’s a big day at the office or just another Tuesday, it’s time to pack away that basic uniform of navy blazers and pinstriped button downs, and start experimenting with your own style.

With the help of our friends at M.M.LaFleur, we’re here to teach you how to create outfits that feel like you while still being HR-appropriate. Read on to learn 3 easy ways to let your personal style shine through your typical Monday-to-Friday wardrobe. 

1. Pile On The Layers

This easy trick adds dimension and interest to even the simplest work outfits. Layer a top in a graphic print or pattern under a neutral blazer, or throw a textured jacket over a sleek sheath dress for an effortlessly pulled-together look. Either way, layering accent pieces to elevate your office essentials is a great way to show off your personal style. 

2. Get Creative With Your Accessories

Classic silhouettes = a playground for fun accents. Let your personality shine through with accessories that pop. Think bold colors, mixed metals, and statement pearls. Whether you classify your style as preppy, boho, edgy or classic, start by renting a versatile dress, then let your creativity run wild.

3. Don’t Shy Away From Trends

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to sacrifice style or HR guidelines to feel fashionably up-to-date. Many of the season’s must-rent trends, including plaid and jewel tones, can also be work-appropriate with the right styling. The trick is to keep silhouettes clean and accessories to a minimum.

M.M.LaFleur is built on the core belief that when women succeed in the workplace, the world becomes a better place–and we couldn’t agree more. No matter your personal style, it’s easy to look chic and feel amazing with the help of a few key pieces. Rent styles from M.M.LaFluer to make getting dressed for the office exciting again.