Hasan Minhaj Talks The Ugly Truth of Fast Fashion

November 25, 2019

By now, we’ve all heard of the term “fast fashion”– a manufacturing method that produces inexpensive clothing rapidly in response to the latest trends. We see a jacket, dress, or bag on our favorite celeb or walking down the runway and we want to wear it now but without spending a ton of money. However, that cheap and quick manufacturing comes at a high environmental cost. 

The average American woman buys 64 new articles of clothing per year, half of which are worn just 3 times or less. Most of those rarely-worn articles windup in landfills (12.8 million tons, to be exact1). Renting, on the other hand, is actually faster than fast fashion. You get access to the latest trends, designers and styles – without any of the kickback to the Earth. Plus, every time you rent, you save water, electricity and any emissions used to manufacture another new piece of clothing.

In a recent episode of his Netflix original series, The Patriot Act, Hasan Minhaj explores how shopping fast fashion is actually killing the planet. Watch the full episode above–you might even catch a glimpse of our Co-Founder and CEO, Jenn Hyman!

Video courtesy of Netflix

1. The State of Clothing Production is a Gluttonous Mess, by Jasmin Malik Chua. Originally found on sourcingjournal.com.