Maybe you’ve had a long work week, or maybe there’s a big occasion to celebrate—you just got a promotion or it’s your bestie’s birthday—maybe there’s no real reason at all, and you just feel like it. Whatever the situation, tonight you’re going out and hitting the town in a big way. If you’re looking for a little outfit inspiration, look no further than these 8 Rent the Runway girls who aced their going out outfits for every type of nighttime event.

Going Out Outfits for Dinner and Drinks


Finally checking out that hot new restaurant in your neighborhood? Or just catching up with friends at an old fave? Dinner and drinks “just ‘cause” is a great opportunity to flex your personal style with bold pieces mixed with wardrobe staples. Try a shoulder-baring lace dress paired with your favorite heels or wedges, and let your hair down. Oh, and definitely get that $15 cocktail. You deserve it.

Going Out Outfits for a Girls’ Night Out


When you go out with your besties, you know you’re surrounded by the people in your life who most appreciate your knack for fashion. A fitted t-shirt dress (especially this gorgeous knit color block piece by Solace London) will win you major points in the “effortlessly cool” category.

Going Out Outfits for a High-End Bar


Dressing for a cocktail bar or hotel bar is a bit like getting dressed up to play a character. You get to live out the version of yourself who really lives the glam life all of the time without actually having to bankroll it. Wear something that makes you feel sexy, like a little red number. We love a statement-making jumpsuit for nighttime. It’s unexpected, sophisticated, and sexy. Style yours with a statement clutch.

Going Out Outfits for Clubbing


Get in the mood, cause tonight we’re going out out. Like, “red rope, skip the lines, dance our asses off,” out. And what better way to look the part than with a sleek, strappy cocktail dress? Complete the look with minimal accessories and a metallic clutch. Tonight’s a night for Instagram.

Going Out Outfits for a Night With Your Coworkers


It doesn’t have to be hard balancing a professional look with fashion-forward sensibilities. Make going out for drinks after work with your officemates a no-brainer with a chic metallic skirt and a statement bag. We love this tropical palm leaf bag by Mackage because it screams summertime. Don’t feel like you have to wear heels either. A chic pair of loafer slides makes the look more polished.

Going Out Outfits for Dancing


Going out dancing? Like, hips shaking, back sweating, getting a workout in dancing? An off-the-shoulder ruffle top won’t weigh you down on the dance floor. Pair this statement top with sleek black skinny jeans and a pair of strappy heels (or fun sneakers if you’re really planning on getting down) for the perfect going out look.

Going Out Outfits for a Night Out on Vacation


The best travel hack? Pack outfits that can easily transition from day to night with a swap of accessories. This fiery polka dot dress can be worn during the day with a cute pair of white sneakers and a straw handbag. For a night out, simply change into a pair of chunky heels and sleek accessories.

Going Out Outfits for a House Party


House parties are, decidedly, the best. You get to drink rose and eat snacks out of bowls with 60 of your closest friends. Best of all: no dress code. Get in your most playful playsuit and make a commitment to meet at least 5 new people.

No matter your plans, a night out is the perfect time to experiment with your look. Going out outfits don’t have to be boring. Ditch your token black-on-black ensemble and try something new. From fun jumpsuits and handbags to chic tops and skirts, the possibilities are endless when you rent your wardrobe.