Former Unlimited Swap Members: What Does this Change Mean for Me?

September 17, 2020

Former Unlimited Swap Members: What Does this Change Mean for Me?

This morning, our CEO & Co-Founder Jenn Hyman shared an update directly with customers on where we’re taking the future of our subscription program. If you haven’t yet checked your inbox this morning, you can read Jenn’s full letter or the TL;DR below. 


Next week, we’re debuting a new membership structure that brings to life the most requested features from members like you: a faster way to swap (!) and more plan flexibility. Customers will soon be able to pick from plans that offer up to 4, 8 and 16 items a month, and customize with extra items as needed. This evolution does mean that we will ultimately be phasing out our Unlimited Swap membership next year.


You might not be a RTR member anymore, but you have been an important part of the RTR journey! To say thank you, we’ll be sending you an exclusive discount to join one of our new plans at our lowest price. Keep an eye out for an email next week.  



Thanks to valuable member feedback, we’ve started rolling out some new features across our new membership program. 

  • A Faster Way To Swap: Now you can create your next shipment before your returns are scanned back in at RTR, bringing the expedited service of our popular Drop-off Box experience to your every swap!  In our 8 and 16 item plans, you can pick new items before sending back items that you have at home.

  • Even Better Perks: See the members-only purchase price of an item before renting it. Buying what you love just got so much easier.

  • Coming Soon: Seamlessly switch between plans and add more shipments whenever you want!


Can I rejoin Unlimited Swaps? How long do I have to rejoin Unlimited Swaps?

On 9/17 we announced we will no longer accept new Unlimited Swap members. If you plan to rejoin, you can do so before 9/21/20 for $159/month + tax at After this time, we are happy to work with you to recommend one of our new plans. Contact us at 

I received an offer for the new 8 and 16 items plans, how do these plans work?

As a thank you for being an important part of our community and previous Unlimited Swap member, you can join one of our new plans at an exclusive discount before 10/6/20. Check your email for your special promo code. Find out more about our new membership options.