RTR Introduces a Faster Way to Swap with All New Memberships

Say hello to our new memberships, all of which now include our #1 most-requested feature — a faster way to swap!

We want you to be able to spend more quality time with rentals at home. With our new way to swap, you no longer have to wait for your returns to be scanned in before picking your next shipment.


Swapping is always on YOUR schedule 

New shipments unlock on your monthly bill date and can be used whenever you want during the month. We’ll help you keep track of how many you have available. 

Pick first, then return

Wait to send anything back until after you’ve confirmed your next shipment. That way you’ve always got something to wear.

Return some or all of your items

The number of items you send back is totally your call. To get the most new items each month, send back everything you have at home with each shipment.

See how it works below: