Summer weather may have crept its way long into the fall, but we’ve finally sweat our way to the ultimate reward: layering season. Mid-to-late fall is the season for fashion. It’s styling without really having to worry about being too much of anything; the perfect temperature to rejuvenate your love affair with outerwear and knits, and still warm enough not to be reaching for a heavy parka. 

As fun as it is concocting outfits for fall to winter, it’s been a year since you’ve needed to dress the part — the options can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time! For a little extra help getting your creative juices flowing, you’ve come to the right place. RTR has put together a list of tips & tricks for dressing for the season, with rentable outfit ideas to kickstart your next wardrobe refresh. 

Fall to Winter Outfit Tip 1: Rethink the way you layer. 

Take a deep breath and repeat after us: anything goes. Don’t create rules where there are none! Slip a mesh turtleneck under that plunging neckline, throw a corset over your dress. The only real criterion to bear in mind is “stay warm, but not too warm,” which makes fall the perfect time to let your styling imagination run wild. Play with combining different necklines and shapes to create exciting new silhouettes.

Outfit #1:

Pair a bold mesh turtleneck with a jumpsuit in a more subtle print for a functionally chic look that packs a punch.

Fall to Winter Outfit Tip 2: Try any and every faux fur. 

Faux furs have all the old Hollywood glam of yesteryear without all the downsides of being real. Often, faux furs are more lightweight than their fur counterparts, which makes them the ideal coat for pre-winter styling. No need to worry about mushy snow or rain dampening your style just yet! 

Outfit #2:

Start with an overcoat in a conversational pattern. Pair with a sultry sweater dress for a look that goes from office chic to date night-ready with ease.

Fall to Winter Outfit Tip 3: Still say yes to short hemlines.

Don’t let summer have all the leg-baring fun — mini dresses and skirts can be styled for any season! It’s what you add to them that counts. For slim-fitting silhouettes, choose inner layers that keep bulk to a minimum. Grab a trusty pair of tights once the weather dips below 60 degrees, and rent a chic turtleneck to slip underneath. For all other silhouettes, the combinations are endless. Experiment with layering a blouse with a fun collar to instantly make your favorite summer frock cold weather-ready.

Outfit #3:

Throw a bright chunky knit over a blouse with a unique collar. Pair with your favorite mini skirt, tights and loafers.

Fall to Winter Outfit Tip 4: Play with fabrics and textures.

Now is the time to get familiar with any luxe fabric and texture you’ve been dying to try. Leather everything? Yes, please! Chunky knits, velvets and leathers are all must-rent fabrics to have on rotation in your fall wardrobe. Mixing and matching a little bit of each is an easy way to add visual interest (and a little more warmth) to your outfits.  

Outfit #4:

For a going out look that’s bound to turn heads, pair a velvet crop top with a sequin midi. Top it off with a quilted leather coat to keep warm (and look hot).

Fall to Winter Outfit Tip 5: When in doubt, try it out. 

Embrace this time as an opportunity to experiment with newer, more daring styles and figure out what works for you. Pair a bright hue with one that’s even brighter. Mix and match patterns to your heart’s content. Don’t let the impending winter blues get you down too soon!

Outfit #5: 

Layer patterns with similar color schemes for a playful outfit that’s sunny, even when the weather isn’t .