Let’s get right to it: French women are the epitome of chic. From their perfectly tousled hair to the undone elegance of their outfits, there’s an undeniable art to everyday French fashion — or, as so many call it, that je ne sais quoi — and not only are we here for it, but we’re here to master it as well.

Where once we were set on replicating the relaxed yet polished look of an oversized blazer and jeans, we’re now on a quest to discover how French women bring their effortlessly chic style into the world of WFH.

To the surprise of no one, mastering everyday French fashion at home does not include sweatpants and top knots. Instead, it looks a lot like what French women might wear on a day-to-day basis—just swap the blazer for a nice cozy cardigan.

In the mood to emulate that elevated at-home Parisian chic aesthetic? Scroll below to see the best French women styles in the RTR closet.

Start with a simple top with feminine details or oversize button down.

Feeling chilly? Look no further than soft sweaters and cozy cardigans.

For the bottom, opt for sleek skirts, classic denim or relaxed trousers.

Looking for a one-and-done vibe? French women love an uncomplicated dress, too.