A blouse button pops off. The hem of your favorite skirt starts to unravel. The outfit you thought would fit perfectly is just not laying right. There’s nothing more confidence busting than realizing you’re on the verge of a fashion emergency. We’ve all been there! Fashion emergencies are common but can be totally avoidable. Below, we’ve highlighted four common fashion dilemmas and easy ways to avoid them.

The Problem: “I’m loving the trendy off-the-shoulder and asymmetrical silhouettes this season, but how do I avoid having my bra straps showing?”

Never suffer from rouge bra straps again. A strapless bra is a staple that every woman needs in her wardrobe. This one from Spanx comes with straps that can be adjusted for every type of tricky neckline (strapless, one-shoulder, traditional, criss-cross and halter).


The Problem: “My dress fits perfectly except the length is a little long. What can I do to keep it from dragging?”

Meet the ultimate fashion hack: double sided tape. It instantly tailors almost any piece of clothing. From smoothing down a lapel to closing gaps between buttons…the list of use cases goes on and on.


The Problem: “How do I avoid the dreaded VPL (visible panty line)? I love wearing sleek silhouettes but don’t love the weird lines regular underwear gives.”

Look for undergarments with invisible seams (read: no lines). This high-rise thong from Commando lays flat on your body, hitting just below the belly button for an all-around smoothing effect.


The Problem: “I just rented a dress with an amazing open back, but I’m not comfortable going braless. What should I wear?”

When a strapless bra isn’t enough, an adhesive bra should do the trick. The clear sticky tabs allow for secure backless, strapless support. This option from Braza has a built in underwire for added comfort. Plus, the adhesive should hold up to 50 wears.


Take control of your wardrobe (and avoid future mishaps) by studying up on these easy fixes for common fashion emergencies.