After studying fashion design in London and New York City, Tanya Taylor launched her namesake label in 2012. Known for her hand-painted prints and feminine silhouettes, the Toronto-native designs every collection with the modern woman in mind – creating styles that fit, flatter, and empower them to be their most confident selves. We visited Tanya in her NYC studio to get the inside scoop on her 2019 Pre-Fall collection, design process, and her day-to-day routine.

We visited Tanya in her NYC studio to get the inside scoop on her 2019 Pre-Fall collection, design process, and her day-to-day routine.

To start, let’s talk about your 2019 Pre-Fall collection. Describe it in five words or less:

Ready for wherever life takes you!

What was the inspiration?

The Pre-Fall 2019 collection is inspired by one of the oldest cities in the world – Lisbon, Portugal. The unique city is rich in many architectural and cultural trends, a mecca for our woman – a sophisticated traveler consumed by wanderlust.

What piece is the most rent-worthy?

The Dita dress is a standout style of the season. It’s a true wrap dress (that’s bra friendly), that comes in vibrant colors. The silk fabric that has a bit of weight to it, perfect for both summer and fall.



Now, let’s get personal. Give us your bio in one sentence:

A little girl who couldn’t stop painting, turned finance grad, turned Parsons fashion designer, turned NYC entrepreneur who creates collections and empowers women to be their most confident selves.

Your Morning Routine:

Shortly after waking up, I check my emails, play ukulele or drums (using toothbrushes as drum sticks) with my son, walk to work (grabbing an iced oat latte and oatmeal from on the way), and then let the craziness begin at 9:30am.

First Thing You Do When You Get Into the Studio:

The first thing I do every day is say hi to everyone. Once I’ve made it to my desk, I drop my coat off and walk around to see if any new samples have come in and to see what everyone’s working on. Then I jump into a back-to-back day. I’m always on the move, I probably sit at my desk 20 minutes a day!

What’s your go-to work outfit?

I truly don’t have a uniform. I wear something that represents how I want to feel that day – though that does almost always involve color and at least one print.

What’s on your desk?

Too much! I have a cactus, sunglasses, a lot of mail, boxes, candles, makeup, floor plans for our new office, and at least 10 pens that don’t work. I wish I had a bit more time to organize.

How do you get into the creative zone?

Research, travel, getting fresh air, and sketching.

What’s inspiring you right now?

I have met so many incredible entrepreneurs, moms, artists, etc. who have inspired me with their passion and persistence in pursuing their dreams.

The favorite part of your day is…

Walking to work in the morning. I feel ready, excited, and curious about what the day holds (and I probably just got a lot of kisses from my son, so I’m feeling extra loved).

When the day is over, how do you unwind?

I walk home, sing “Down by the Bay” to my son, and then my husband and I play chess while eating pizza and having a glass of wine.